Democrat aim American demolition

En Garde in the bunker…

Democrat aim American demolition. Yes indeed, folks, this somewhat new global war against America had an 8-year head start with the beginning of Obamanation in 2009-16 and its cabal of criminal destroyers. As a continuum, the feral demoMarxocrats have done nothing in the last four years but make up lies, consume media time to take out a duly elected president, while topping it all off with a faux medical emergency dripping with lies, false accusations, and assumptions.

The Democrat attack-party has manufactured all forms of fake scandals against duly-elected Trump since 2015-16 (Russia, Ukraine, Impeachment). When those didn’t work, a massive virus suddenly appears out of nowhere, and the Democrats are full-bore utilizing it to portray Trump as uncaring, conveniently just before the 2020 election.

Glaringly however, the candidate of the Left, whom they’ve championed – one Quid Pro Quo Joe the demented incompetent – can barely speak coherently while standing up, never mind be presented with the nuke button!

Democrat Obamanation deep state group up to their eyeballs in collusion / obstruction of justice..

Tyrannical major Democrat cabal and their globalist supporters (Bill Gates, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, and the rest) have longtime ties to Red China, and all have problems with Trump and his trade policies, when suddenly a virus appears just before the 2020 election.

There is no compromise in tyranny because the tyrannical ruler recognizes no higher authority than themselves which precludes any challenge to their dictate. The Left, in all its permutations, first and foremost seeks to rule at all costs – their raison d’etre. They never quit because they’ve nothing else to live for.

The Democrat Left must be defeated. Period. There is no possible way to co-exist indefinitely. Either we win and crush them or they win and crush us. The Left realizes that fact and Pelosi, Schumer and the gang play the game accordingly. What We the (63 million) People are experiencing presently is a war for survival. Trump MUST be re-elected and the DOJ must grow a stout spine and harshly prosecute the dozens of criminals in our totally corrupt environment who are, and have been, hiding in full view since June of 2015!

Hopefully enough of us are waking up to join the ranks in this existential fight. God I hope so.

Here’s one warrior at least, Andrew Thomas, American Thinker: ‘The Third Wave of the left’s Destruction of America’…

We are currently in the third wave of the left’s attempts to totally deconstruct America into the image of the leftist utopia. There is no love of this country or its traditions or its Constitution among the left. Remaking it into a radical ideological hellhole is their only objective.

The impoverished and criminals are sacrosanct and must be preserved. They enable the corruption and absolute power the left craves. Two classes, the rulers and the ruled, comprise the society that the left requires. This is absolute evil, and it is the way the world has functioned for centuries. They have history on their side.

America has been the prime exception to this history. Personal freedom and free markets have made this the greatest economy and the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. We have defeated fascism and communism. Without us, the world would be an unbearably horrible place to live. It is only because we love God and freedom. That’s it.

Since 2016, there have been three mortal attacks against these beliefs. The left has attempted to continue Obama’s (and Soros’s) transformation of America away from its destiny as a savior of humanity, into a prison of slaves ruled by their elite masters.

The first attack was a continuation of Obama’s weaponization of the government, in orchestrating a coup d’état against the newly elected president. This started with the attempt to subvert the Electoral College by threatening the delegates. It ended with the Mueller investigation, the most corrupt government enterprise in American history. It failed, but it distracted the administration and delayed enacting needed policy.

The second wave was the impeachment of the president by the House of Representatives, based on zero evidence. From falsified testimony (called satire) from Rep. Adam Schiff, to phony “whistleblowers,” whose testimony was taken in secret and withheld from the public, this was an obvious sham from the start, and quickly killed in the Senate. But the damage was done. More distraction and delay.

The third wave is not the coronavirus, but the reaction of the left. They desperately need to destroy the American economy and American lives and livelihoods in order to enact their agenda by any means necessary. It is very obvious that the governors and mayors of red (conservative) states want to save small businesses and local economies by opening them up. But blue (leftist-run) states want to kill their economies and the middle class in their states to create economic chaos, which they believe will facilitate the election of more leftists, including a socialist-friendly president.

In the movie Independence Day, president Bill Pullman asked the alien, “What do you want us to do?”  “We want you to die”, was the reply. This is the position of the left in America.

There is no negotiation, there is no compromise. It is one or the other. [end]

Democrat Obamanation needs a warrior president to drain the swamp…

But of course, this is all just coincidental. Nothing here, just keep moving along.[sarc]

Let’s also assume that it’s purely coincidental that the economy was roaring (always a huge problem politically for the Democrat left) when suddenly and suspiciously, the ‘virus’ appears out of nowhere, immediately bringing a halt to the roaring economy just before the 2020 election

We have three choices to destroy the DNC, and they must be done in order; 1) the first is to vote out the DNC in as many places as possible (voter and election fraud will be rampant); 2) prosecute the DNC for their crimes during the abysmal interminable and 12th year of Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’; and 3) track down those who used their office(s) under color of law to commit so many crimes, we are just now beginning to unveil the scope and magnitude of their corruption, criminality and outright thievery. An august body of criminals, masquerading as a political party.

In the immortal words of Todd Beamer – “Let’s Roll!”

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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Andrew Thomas, American Thinker: The third wave of Left’s attempt to destroy America

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: Why the NYTimes, WAPO, Politico, Buzzfeed ignore Truth

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