Demented dogs of war bidin’ time…

En Garde in the bunker…

Demented dogs of war bidin’ time … We the (80 million+) People in the know didn’t need the laptop of Hunter Biden to figure out how “the Big Guy” used American taxpayer money to shakedown the Ukrainians. The demented dog of war, one “Bidin’ time” bragged about it on stage and on tape while espousing foul language as he did so. And thanks to the BiteMe’s we have a much better idea as to why American politicians are so free with American cash being flung at dictators around the world. Because a “taste” of that dough ends up in the pockets of those same politicians. Constantly!

Then there’s the consequence of just why OBO#44 needed the somnolent, senile village idiot to do anything at all once his term as our first community-organizer worst president ever was complete. Hardly. Vice presidents typically do things like “reduce paperwork” as AlGorythm did in the Clinton years.

Demented dogs of war bidin’ time…

OBO#44, supposedly on just a president’s pay has become rich – filthy rich if you add up his multiple mansions around the globe. So has BiteMe. Heck, the feckless AlGorythm is richer than just about anyone, which poses the question of why We the (80 million+) People put up with it. Might it well be because we “can’t vote the bums out because those same bums get to count our “votes” … Mmmmmm, Dominion-wise, that is?!

So now we’ve got Pelosi the Pimp and Schumer the doomer and the rest of the demoMarxocrats attempting to flood our Constitutional Republic with millions of illegals to turn the country blue with voters – non-citizen voters that is! Their goal, apparently, to make us, the taxpayers and citizens of the US, nothing more nor less than that – taxpayers without votes.

Forget killing the golden goose in their lust for power, the Chinese have already infiltrated our universities and Big Tech outfits and will continue their takeover with hardly a whimper or two from anyone! With their military already ensconced in Canada and here in the States, their takeover may be more swift than anyone could imagine. The ego of the demoMarxocrats is killing us all.

The anti-American demoMarxocrat left is demonizing “Whiteness!” to make it synonymous with evil to justify discrimination and worse against all whites. Their “Equity” campaign is also a war on standards for the sake of equal outcomes but since standards are synonymous with civilization this is also a war on civilization itself. None of us have any idea how much longer this rotting society can stagger along with the idiots in charge, but we can see with our own eyes that it no longer exists as a vibrant Constitutional Republic that was endowed to us by our Founding Fathers. And it’s obvious the world knows this.

America, We Hardly Knew Thee…

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘How To Start a War’…

Wars often arise from uncertainty. When strong powers appear weak, truly weaker ones take risks they otherwise would not.

Sloppy braggadocio and serial promises of restraint alternatively trigger wars, too. Empty tough talk can needlessly egg on aggressors. But mouthing utopian bromides convinces bullies that their targets are too sophisticated to counter aggression.

Sometimes announcing “a new peace process” without any ability to bring either novel concessions or pressures only raises false hopes—and furor.

Every new American president is usually tested to determine whether the United States can still protect friends like Japan, Europe, South Korea, Israel, and Taiwan. And will the new commander-in-chief deter America’s enemies Iran and North Korea—and keep China and Russia from absorbing their neighbors?

Joe Biden, and those around him, seem determined to upset the peace they inherited.

Soon after Donald Trump left office, Vladimir Putin began massing troops on the Ukrainian border and threatening to attack. [-]

[+] … In contrast, Biden too often talks provocatively—while carrying a twig. He has gratuitously called Putin “a killer.” And he warned that the Russian dictator “would pay a price” for supposedly interfering in the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, his bombast follows four years of a Russian-collusion hoax, fueled by a concocted dossier paid for by 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. Biden and others swore Trump was—in the words of Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper—a “Russian asset.”

If Biden seeks to provoke a nation with 7,500 deliverable weapons, he is certainly not backing up his rhetoric with force.

Biden would do well to remember ancient American diplomatic adages like speaking softly while carrying a big stick, keeping China and Russia apart, being no better friend – or worse enemy – and letting sleeping dogs lie.

Full link below with others …

Demented dogs of war bidin’ time…

Just gotta love it – (perhaps not!) – The U.S. at war on itself with “whiteness”, pretty well successful too! Added to the list from above, check the “whiteness” of the current gaggle of rulers: “Joe Bidet; Nanshi Peloshi; Chuck Shoomah; Rachel Levine; and that handsome windsurfing paragon of intellectual profundity, Lurch HeinzBakedBeansKerry.”  What a group, the most pathetic troupe of “leaders” any country has ever put in charge to rule itself.

In reality what they did in 2020 cannot stand. All is futile if it does. It takes many successions of terms, from leaders like Trump, for Americans to truly take their country back. The demoMarxocrat Left knew this, which is why they cheated with no holds barred right out into the open. This was their proverbial last stand, but who on earth would ever have thought that most Republicans and SCOTUS would be in on the scam?

2020 is the election that has to change. It’s now or never because the Left will always just invent other ways to cheat. If we’re not willing to combat the cheat itself, voting is irrelevant. Demented dogs of war bidin’ time…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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