Dem leaders snub POTUS meeting

Go ahead, make my…

The true nature of the current Dem party leadership was exposed again by president Trump Tuesday, when he sat between two empty chairs at a White House conference table with Mitch McConnell on the one side, and Paul Ryan on the other, the point being to reveal the absence of Pelosi and Schumer who unceremoniously refused to show up for a planned bi-partisan meeting on tax reform and funding of government. As per usual for the master of the art of the deal, this turned out to be a brilliant foil, comically reminiscent of the Clint Eastwood ’empty chair’ episode at the Republican Convention back in 2012.

Pardon me if I opine that these Dem leaders are serial obstructionists who, by their daily actions, obviously hate the United States, and we need to keep showing them up for the spoiled brats that they are whenever they believe that they are relevant. To my mind this snub was yet another obstructionist foil in their ongoing attempt to pull down the success of president Trump. And let no one tell you otherwise.

The Dem leadership was exposed yet again for being petty pouters who put their own personal feelings before the safety, security, and prosperity of the United States. President Trump is savvy enough to know this, and wants others to know it as well.

Also, note the buffalo fighting off the wolves in the background. That was no accident, either.

This fight has only just begun.

Donald Trump did not win the election because he pointed out the other candidate’s faults or phony persona. After almost two and a half years, the elitist ‘they’ still don’t understand what the voters saw in a man who had nothing to gain, everything to lose, and yet took it upon himself to have an opportunity to return the country to the rule of law for everyone.

Mr. ‘president-to-be’ Trump was the last chance (as We the people saw it) to end the ugly slide into a socialist mess brought on by grafter carpet-bagging politicians, Deep State bureaucrats, and unscrupulous lobbyists who took care of themselves first and foremost, and We the People be damned.

No, we don’t like illegal aliens who thumb their noses at our laws; we don’t believe men can become women or vice versa; we don’t think an unborn child is a clump of cells, but rather a real human being, fully worthy of the life given to him or her by God, and not worthy to be killed and its body parts sold off for ‘filthy lucre’; we don’t believe that two men or two women can procreate together; we do however believe that every new born baby has a God-given right to have both a father and a mother.

Candidate Trump orated in public what we said privately, and he offered to do his best to turn our Great Ship of State to avoid the disaster ahead. And We the People believed him from the get-go.

Fast-forward to today and President Trump is systematically dismantling bit by precious bit, Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, and taking the nation back to greatness.



H/T DC Whispers

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