Dem collusion in Trump crosshairs

Go ahead, make my..

Lost in all the subterfuge, death, destruction, general criminality, and high-falutin’ hoi poloi of the DemoRINOMarxist governmental coverup on what’s happening with the border invaders, are (Sgt Joe Friday here) ‘the facts Ma’am, just the facts’. And that would include a Dem collusion (for short).

First up presumes that there are a ton or more of US politicians, religious ‘resettlement’ groups, bureaucrats, and lawyers getting very rich handling the invasion. Drug and human trafficking is a very big business, and the cash is spread around to those who are sworn to stop it, but more importantly, to those who are paid not to.

We the People ‘peons’ are ordered just to shut up, keep quiet, and pay for it all.

Secondly, as long as the Feds roll out the welfare smorgasbord provided for these international welfare predators, they will continue to come. Sitting in your hut in Guatemala contemplating a risky trip to the US becomes much more palatable with the realization that the rewards are great.

Dem collusion in Trump crosshairs…

Greater in fact, than actually working for a living – especially with the aid of a Dem collusion!

As the US aid dollars continue to flow into Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the rest of the Latin American Mafia drug havens – even as they export their poorest and least educated to the care of US taxpayers – We the People are expected to put up with the mess of once-livable cities and areas the likes of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St. Louis and elsewhere which have totally and completely devolved into mass-excrement-unlivable, crime-ridden s***holes.

And don’t you dare take my word for it. Simply check the USA Today listing down below. Yet another Dem collusion in denigrating our great constitutional republic.

In the meantime, The Federalist Papers have a lot to say on the matter, to which I draw your attention from Brian Thomas with the following:

A new map posted by breaks down the economic toll of illegal immigrants state by state, and their findings are extremely troubling.

Using information gathered from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, How Much’s map shows how much money illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers on a state-by-state basis.

California is most devastated by the heavy toll, with a whopping $23 billion in that state alone.

States closer to the Mexican border are most affected, but several states throughout the country still pay billions to support illegal immigrants through education, welfare, law enforcement, and medical care.

Here’s the breakdown, provided by

The map doesn’t include federal costs.

According to the Washington Examiner, when federal costs are included, illegal immigrants cost $135 billion a year.

Liberals like to justify their opposition to the deportation of illegal immigrants due to their estimations of initial costs for actually enforcing our federal immigration laws.

But considering that current data suggests over a trillion dollars spent supporting illegal immigrants a decade, leftist arguments that deportation is too expensive crumble rather quickly.

Read to completion in link down below…

Corrupt DemoMarxist leadership … Hoyer, Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer…

Putting on their best virtue signalling act worthy (almost) of an academy award, the fallacious Democrat collusionists yesterday took turns in their so-called ‘hearing’, attempting to publicly shame DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and our fearless president.

We the People have news for them – bogus statistics and charts allegedly displaying a precipitous drop in illegal immigrant apprehensions doesn’t pass the smell test. Truth of the matter is that roughly 850,000+ undocumented immigrants have been allowed to enter the country on mostly bogus asylum claims, and are currently spread all over the nation living in limbo. These bogus asylum seekers are not included in the projected 1 million illegal immigrant surge calculation, so what we’re really talking about is closer to 2 million illegal immigrants effectively invading the border this year.

To cut to the chase, an astute Republican pointed out on the D-Day invasion of France there were 73,000 US troops who stormed the beaches. Put that in perspective with the 2 million illegal invaders on our southern border this year added to the 30+ million that have been living here for years and we clearly have a problem.

A Dem collusion problem. Houston – Do you copy?

Time for today’s MAGA Pill with a ‘Thank God’ for our warrior-President – MAGA!


See also USA Today: 25 most dangerous cities in America

Plus John D. Dingell III, American Thinker: The border surge is real

Read to completion The Federalist Papers: Cost of Illegal Immigration by State

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