Delusion by the illusion of collusion

Go ahead, make my…

I well remember in the days of my youth when the traveling circus or summer fairgrounds came to town for the weekend, the jugglers and magicians with such a sleight of hand that you wondered amazingly just how they learned such skills of juggling and illusion. As a matter of fact, that’s what they were labeled – ‘Illusionists.’ You might say it was my first introduction to the art of ‘delusion by the illusion of collusion.’

Fast forward 60-plus years and the phrase ‘delusion by the illusion of collusion’ has taken on a whole new meaning of its own.

As ‘hillbilly4′ tells it on one of the threads: The hysterical reaction to the Helsinki Meeting is all dog-n-pony, a freak show put on by those same losers who gleefully announced the Coronation of Queen Hillary Rob’em Clinton back on November 8, 2016 . Now, with the very thought of many secrets, ‘missing’ documents, and failed ‘coup’ attempts being exposed, these folks are simply covering their butts. ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time’. ~ attributed to Abe Lincoln.

These crazy, wayward times President Trump is enduring is due to 60 years of Progressive Communist/Left wing ideology being bred in the Colleges; prayer taken out of schools; Ten Commandments Monuments being removed from the public arena; and a complete wayward way of life being condoned, and not condemned. The panic on the Looney-Tune Left (poster boy the delusional Peter Strzok) is because they have had it easy for 60 years, and now the pendulum is swinging back; they KNOW this because it is the basis for their ideology of choice: Communism and Communist Dialectics.[end]

They fear the hammer swinging back to conservative ideas – and that HAMMER is Trump. We must pray for this man in the arena. Pray without ceasing.

Example NUMBER ONE of delusion by the illusion of collusion…

NUMBER TWO – Nine years on and things turned exactly the way it was stated on the button — ПЕРЕГРУЗКА (overload, overcharge)…. And here’s what it led to…

NUMBER THREE – Delusion by the illusion of collusion reached a zenith of sorts, when, in the early months of election year 2012, Obama the planted president had the audacity (unknown whether or not he realized there was an open mic on him and Russian president at the time Dmitry Medvedev) to assure Medvedev to inform incoming president Vladimir Putin: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” To which Medvedev responds: “I understand. I transmit this (inaudible) to Vladimir.” (muffled thereafter) …

The question remains unanswered as to – How did Obama know in March of 2012 that he would win the election? Was it already being rigged by the DemoMarxist party together with Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his anti-American cabal? Just what was he promising Vladimir Putin? Mmmmm? Yet another example of delusion by the illusion of collusion…

NUMBER FOUR – This clip is so ironic in retrospect. Romney was absolutely right on point regarding Iraq. We needed US troops in there to crush ISIS (which President Trump has since achieved). Romney was also right about Russia, clearly recognizing the threat they posed. Obama once again, like so many other dim-witted times, comported himself exactly like the village idiot, or better yet, falling asleep under the delusion by the illusion of collusion…

And finally, NUMBER FIVE – Fast forward to the Iranian mess, with Obama covertly stashing some $400 million (which ultimately became $1.7 billion) in old cash notes on an unmarked USA aircraft which landed in Geneva Switzerland, and transferred the stash from the USA aircraft onto an Iranian airplane … I believe we ‘plebs’ are limited to just $10,000 that we can legally take with us on foreign travel – or am I just under a delusion by the illusion of collusion? Don’t you (like me) wonder how on earth sums of money like $400 million, all the way up to $1.7 billion can find their way surreptitiously to people in places like Iran, whose main aim is the absolute destruction of America? Isn’t that very act an act of sedition against the sovereign state of the Constitutional Republic? Mmmmm?

The intelligence class in the US failed to connect the dots leading up to 9/11 and have spent a decade and a half covering up their failures and weaponizing their expanded powers. Putting Paul Manafort in solitary confinement for the sin of working for Trump just shows the level of Deep State power and corruption. The most important question to ask is always “cui bono”.

President Donald J.Trump’s real sin is that he cannot be bought or manipulated. And his goal is to make American great again. Thank God for our president and his complete desire to go forth and MAGA!


To go even deeper into the events of the past week or so, check this latest intro below, and then go to the remarkable ‘sundance’ and his colleagues over at The Conservative Treehouse by simply clicking on the content… You will not be disappointed!


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