Deleterious deep state derangement

Go ahead, make my…

Theory of yours truly (well, hardly – more ‘truth serum’) is that the media’s near terminal case of deleterious TDS has them spewing more and more lies about the president, which results in his poll numbers continuing to rise, which in turn leads to more lies; which results in his poll numbers …well, you get the drift. A proverbial circular firing squad!

The deleterious deep state ‘shadow box’ media are so predictable. I have this recurring vision that the big fake deep state media meets in some dark room at 4:30AM every morning to coordinate their one-liners.

As a for-instance, go back some four years or so ago when, in attempting to invent a new descriptive in place of ‘something doesn’t look good’, the revived George Orwell ‘group speak’ came up with ‘bad optics’ and BOOM! – it was all over the media. Everybody and their uncles and nephews were using ‘bad optics’.

Despite it all, the Trump team continues to MAGA from the very top down… Inspirational.

They are so predictable. Even as the walls continue closing in towards the tipping point, the deleterious deep state circle begins to bend inwards.

Take this for instance, from Jon Stewart to Christiane Amanpour in reference to the Trump Derangement Syndrome: “What he’s done well, I thought, is appeal to [journalists’] own narcissism, to their own ego … They say, ‘We are noble, we are honorable, how dare you, sir!’ And they take it personally.”….”“It’s all about the fight. He’s able to tune out everything else and get people just focused on the fight, and he’s going to win that fight.”[end]

WOW! It is usually futile to engage people with facts and analysis who are in a state of condescending moral superiority while expounding their ignorance to the world. But wonders never cease…

Thomas Lifson, for instance, in today’s American Thinker and  ‘A three-minute dose of Schadenfreude’ …

President Trump has accomplished a historic triumph of political jujitsu in the face of unprecedented levels of media hysteria directed against him. Unlike every other major GOP figure in my lifetime, he has not caved-in to media-generated waves of criticism, but rather turned his opponents’ fury against them, using the (borrowed) expression “fake news,” often supplementing it with the even more inflammatory expression, “enemy of the people.”

And it has worked.

Obama’s media support was as pervasive as the media’s hatred of Trump, and yet both men show nearly identical patterns of approval, with the slight advantage to Trump. But most importantly, Trump’s early deficit compared to Obama has now turned to an advantage in levels of approval … The media’s hysteria has firmly established them as unfair bullies in the minds of a plurality, if not outright majority of Americans. Like Godzilla drawing power from the hi tension electric lines he crossed, the mainstream media is energizing Trump’s support.

As Steve Hayward puts it in his Powerline blog: “I’m thinking there’s an inverse relationship between Trump’s strength and media hysteria. Some clever person put together this montage of the media claiming routinely since January 20, 2017 that a ‘tipping point’ had been reached, that the newest ‘bombshell’ was curtains for Trump, that “the walls are closing in.”

‘Talk about fake news. Heh. Enjoy this – we’ve got a long way to go yet.'[end]

An actual fighter, like President Trump, is a foreign object heretofore not seen, nor was its existence recognized. The deleterious deep state big fake news media have thrived for years in lambasting Republicans such as the Bush’s and others, as there is no fight in them, nor was there ever.

The lack of fight was attributed to wanting to remain ‘Presidential’.

President Trump always putting America first… MAGA!

Along comes warrior-President Trump, and the term ‘fight back’ has to be dusted off and looked up to see what the heck it means. They are all (as one of my English nieces always declares) – ‘gobsmacked’!

‘This can’t be’, they say. ‘This isn’t done’, they say. ‘We will take him down’, they say.

And despite all that nonsense, he continues to fight, and win.

‘Apoplectic’ doesn’t do the weak-minded uninformed ‘journalist’ class justice. They turn into quivering masses of hate-spewing vitriolic dunces – disclosing to the world what they have been all along. Deleterious deep state agitators.

They are their own worst enemy, and they are well along the path to destroying themselves.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


H/T Steven Hayward Powerline: Trump is finished because the Media say so!

And Thomas Lifson American Thinker: A three-minute dose of Schadenfreude

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