Deepstate explody-heads on brink…

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Deepstate explody-heads on brink … Frozen results in deep blue NY prove the statistical impossibility of a Biden win. According to the NY Times (rhymes with “slimes”) no mail ballots are counted yet in NY, just in-person voting in the days before and on Election Day are reported

1) Consider – With near 7 million raw votes 2020 (No mail-in) Biden 55.7% Trump 43%

2) 7 million votes cast in 2016 total from Politico Hillary 58.8% Trump 37.5%

3) Trump outperforms himself in ‘deep blue’ NY while Biden underperforms Hillary Clinton substantially.

When you overlay this on to the ‘suspect’ swing states, where Mail ballots are ‘counted’, Biden way outperforms Hillary in all cases while Trump either underperforms himself or stays the same from 2016. These results in the swing states where Trump campaigned his heart out, and drew hundreds of thousands to his rallies, simply defy statistical reality!

Yours truly has been saying for the past week that demoMarxocrats convinced themselves the polls were correct and they didn’t need to implement their plan. On election night they saw what was really happening and panicked, so the results are sloppy. Since the race was “called” by their media pals, the entire effort has been around gaslighting the illusion of inevitability and creating inertia so weak-minded folks would go along with their scheming.

This is going to be quite the battle over the next two weeks-plus because I don’t foresee Trump caving to this stuff, especially when Twittering that ‘they’ got caught! Deepstate explody-heads on brink!

Deepstate explody-heads on brink…

Epoch Times put out this graphic yesterday while mentioning that this is in fact where we ACTUALLY are right now as all the other investigations are taking shape; regardless of what the Lamestreams want everyone to believe. Two states recounting ballots, and three court cases filed. We have NO president-elect quite yet, and we don’t know what Nevada is up to.

And the MSM’s total news blackout is virtually guaranteeing that when the truth comes out, and Trump wins, the ignorant masses of BLM/Antifa/hollywood idiots will riot.

Face it right up front and in your face, folks – this election fraud goes far beyond demoMarxocrat sloppiness. The wildly inaccurate polling results, the purging of conservative content and the media’s cover up suggests a coordinated effort by the deep state lamestreams to force a socialist “utopia” and get America “onboard” with the rest of the world.

This whole mess has been a long-planned, coordinated effort with some sloppy last-minute hurriedly-executed additions not being quite enough to steal the election, and several incidences of lone wolves with more loyalty than sense wanting to ‘do their part’ without being part of the machine.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of having to choose between two options when presented. But when the options are “the fraud is complicated and hard to uncover because it’s been intricately planned and carefully implemented” – or – “the fraud is sloppy and easily-found because it was slapped together at the last minute” – the two statements refer to entirely different incidents. ‘All of the above’, remains on the table!

One of the first things POTUS said when we won in 2016 was he was going to do something about voter fraud. He formed a committee that identified who, what, when, where, and how, and didn’t say a word when the committee was done. The media laughed and taunted saying, “We told you fraud doesn’t exist”, except for Russia of course.

In 2018 all of the voter fraud was documented, with indictments still waiting to be unsealed. So why were the lunatics allowed to win control of the House? If people didn’t see just how corrupt they are with their own eyes, no words could ever convince anyone otherwise.

Deepstate explody-heads on brink…

We’ve had four years to prepare for this election, and it boils down to a matter of national security. All of their efforts to remove our duly elected President the last four years is a matter of national security. The rolling coups constitute conspiring to commit treason, sedition, and subversion during a time of war, and falls under the jurisdiction of our Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The military doesn’t play. They took an oath to defend our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic, so you can bet the NSA has everything.

Every phone call, email, text message, and comms they used in private chat rooms and Gmail … the NSA has it all. Department of Homeland Security, Military Intelligence, and then some … watching all of this voter fraud go down in real time. Shining a light on it all for the world to see.

Think Trump is worried about any of this? Whenever has he gone golfing two days in a row? Now the deep state is trapped and their entire voter fraud bag of tricks is about to be peeled back for everyone to see, one layer at a time.

All stable-minded American Patriots of We the (70-million-plus) People need to rise up in unison to smash the outrageous in-your-face attempted Electoral coup perpetrated by the anti-American-swayed-Communist demoMarxocrats, or we will have lost our Constitutional Republic.

Deepstate explody-heads on brink … En Garde, Patriots – En Garde!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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