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The ‘James Bond’ Brit in me (aka Sean Connery, the best, in my honest opinion, of ’em all) never strays too far away from reveling in the mastery of those with the requisite ability to play the four-dimensional chess game that outfoxes them all. Overcoming the absolute overcoming – even escaping the seemingly inescapable! Especially when tracking the deep state.

Let’s begin with the activities wrought by the big deep state conglomerate and their influence on recent events glaringly brought to light with the RINOs having sat back silently for eight years while OBO the Clown Prince of fools and his band of robbers rode roughshod over the Constitution, the law, our rights as citizens, and the economic future of the nation. And no one said diddly-squat or even attempted to do anything while this was happening right in front of our eyes.

President Trump energetic during the 2018 midterms…

Two years on from a political seismic shift, however, and our fearless President Trump is faced with a bunch of ‘do-nothing’ house members who will dutifully play out the string from January until the 2020 elections.

Or so it appears. Or is it just me?

Two things in play today, one from the pen of Don Surber and his blog post, and the other from Mark Wauck and his essay in American Thinker. Both erudite writers with outstanding insight into the nature of what has fast become ‘The Russian Hoax’.

Don Surber first up with ‘The Farcical Bob Mueller’:

Americans are about to discover why President Trump never fired Bungling Bob Mueller. Trump found the perfect foil in the blowhard.

Mueller is incompetent. In the anthrax attack case Mueller relentlessly pursued the wrong man for 5 1/2 years. We taxpayers had to pay the victim of his harassment $5.8 million.

And now the wheels have come off this garbage truck of an investigation. He keeps piling indictments up but none of them have anything to do with the Russian Dossier he was sent to investigate.

“Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort continued to lie to the FBI and to special counsel Robert Mueller’s office after his plea deal in September, Mr. Mueller’s office alleged Monday, in what would be a breach of the agreement by a person whose cooperation has been considered a key asset in the probe,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

This is comedy gold.

Link to completion down at the bottom…

Framed remarkably well by commenter par excellence ‘VonMisesJr’ the plot goes: ‘It is not hard to figure out what is happening in DC. “Lyin” Ryan had to lose the House so that they were off the hook for delivering on the Trump Platform that they ran on. [remember] We were told in 2010 that they could do nothing as they only had half of one-third of government.’

‘Then in 2014 having been handed the Senate, they claimed they only had the Legislative Branch. Then in 2016, the unthinkable happened for the Establishment and we gave the GOPe the Presidency, and coincidentally Trump got to appoint two Supreme Court Justices so we had ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT under control.[end]

On to Mark Wauck and his opener ‘Is the Deep State feeling the Heat?’:

Bad as it may have been, the worst of the Russia Hoax was not the abuse of the FISA electronic surveillance regime for political purposes. Nor is the worst even the patent involvement of our intelligence agencies — and in particular the FBI and CIA — in electoral politics.

No, the worst aspect of the Russia Hoax is that our intelligence agencies, including elements of DoJ and the State Department cooperating with the Clinton campaign, enlisted the intelligence services of foreign powers — first in their effort to defeat the candidacy of Donald Trump and, when that effort failed, turning their efforts to what can only be described as an attempted coup against the elected President of the United States.

Shockingly, these later stages of the Russia Hoax have included members of the Legislative Branch who, in the face of clear evidence that the true collusion with foreign powers was that of the Clinton campaign, have worked to delay and to ultimately obstruct Congressional oversight and investigation of the entire Russia Hoax.

Link to completion down at bottom…

Turns out that the issue was never (exactly) between Democrats and Republicans, but between the globalists and the nationalists, between the elitists and the populists. Paul Ryan was just as much a member in good standing of the globalist Uniparty as was Hillary Rob’em Clinton.

So ‘Lyin’ Ryan and his companion traitors flipped the House to the DNC by refusing to Build a Wall, Repeal ObamaCare or cut spending. Then they all retired for seven-figure jobs on Corporatist K-Street, lobbying the Fascist government they helped build.

Where’s our ‘James Bond’ when we need him to fight the deep state?

Oh wait – Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Read the complete Don Surber

And the complete Mark Wauck

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