Danger: a clear and present enemy

En Garde in the bunker…

Danger: a clear and present enemy … “When it comes to our prosperity, our freedom tradition, and our constitutional government, President Barack Obama has been the great destroyer – knocking down the free-market economy and principles of limited government that have made America the envy of the world. In the pages that follow, I chronicle his war on our Constitution and our political and economic liberties, and recount his assault on America’s economic, social, cultural, national security, business, and industrial institutions.” ~ 2012, David Limbaugh (yes, brother of Rush) introduction to his book The Great Destroyer

For the record, yours truly is all in with both David Limbaugh and Daniel Greenfield whose wonderful piece coming up is the cornerstone of today’s offering. Justice after all, requires that our first community-organizer president be impeached immediately. The trial in the Senate should focus attention on the dozens of strategy sessions that OBO#44 hosted for the ladies with bad haircuts who run Black Lives Matter. Hashtag 44 wasn’t shy about it either – he held the meetings right there in the White House for goodness’ sake, and all with the scary presence of a demented JoeSlowMoe with his hands all over anyone within range.

Danger: a clear and present enemy … you can run but you can’t hide…

Going along a bit further, let’s not forget it was the eponymous Obama who blatantly declared war on we Christians and the Israelis. While his ‘M’ terrorist buddies were murdering Christians on the scale of an Armenian Genocide and his “Palestinian” Israeli-hating terrorist buddies were murdering Jews, he went on an extended Middle East Apology Tour praising all things of the “holy prophet” to the skies while bashing all things AMERICA. Treasonous!

Why Republicans weren’t screaming these and other facts from the roof tops while Hashtag and BiteMe were running for office is a crime all by itself. It was those series of meetings, remember, that paved the way for the destruction of dozens of our major cities that came to full flower in the summer of 2020, which will be forever the year we were all supposed to stay in our basements to remain “safe” while having to wear mouth muzzles to venture forth.

Hashtag 44 (throw in HillaryRob’em as well) BiteMe, Hunter, Harris, and the entire kit ‘n kaboogle of the demoMarxocrat cabal have blood on their hands and must be called to account. Forthwith would be great.

Danger: a clear and present enemy!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Impeach Obama for inciting BLM Riots’ …

On May 31st, a violent Black Lives Matter mob burned American flags, threw bottles at police officers, and started a fire in the historic ‘Church of Presidents’ which had been visited by almost every president. Another building was set on fire, and windows across the area were smashed by the rampaging BLM mob wielding baseball bats, bricks, and even more lethal weapons.

Helicopter footage showed the Washington Monument wreathed in smoke from the fires set by the massive BLM assault on the center of our government. But while the BLMers assaulted numerous buildings, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, and had vandalized historical landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial, the real target of the radicals was the White House.

60 members of the Secret Service and 150 law enforcement officers in total were eventually injured. As the BLM mob assailed the White House, the Secret Service took President Trump and his family to a bunker: an eventuality meant to deal with terrorist or nuclear attacks.

Black Lives Matter mobs didn’t break through to the White House, but they managed to set the White House guardhouse on fire. Instead of condemning this extremist assault on our nation, Democrats supported the rioters and falsely claimed that law enforcement had assaulted “peaceful protesters” for a “photo op”, and demanded the removal of the National Guard.

Democrats and their media allies sneered at President Trump for retreating to a bunker.

Barack Obama, as the first black man to sit in the White House, a D.C. resident, and the politician who had done the most to bolster the racist and radical BLM movement burning American cities, had the opportunity to put out the fires. Instead he poured on more gasoline.

Full link below with others…

Danger: a clear and present enemy…

See how all that works? Some ‘righteous’ people are above the law – even unrighteous enemies of freedom.

As Inez Feitscher Stepman expresses it (full link below) in The Federalist: “At the inauguration of the 46th president, thousands upon thousands of soldiers lined the streets of the Mall and Capitol Hill, a facsimile of a nation under siege. Yet when the cameras were gone and the role played, our National Guardsmen were relegated to parking garages and Port-A-Potties, especially poor and foolish treatment if we were to take seriously the offensive cries about their potential “extremism.”

Not only should OBO#44 and HillaryRob’em be impeached for BLM, they should be impeached for giving the stand down order in Benghazi allowing him to go around saying Al Qaeda was gone; and all just to service his re-election. Criminals both.

On the other hand, we might as well face it folks, We the (75-80 million+) People aka “Trump supporters” are seemingly on our own, albeit we have a population 15 million more than the total of my United Kingdom birthplace. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of financial pain to fight these demoMarxocrat freaks, but the old adage remains “freedom is always worth fighting for, as it’s never more than one generation from extinction.”

Danger: a clear and present enemy!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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