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Dan Bongino destroys the latest narrative we’re being fed that all of this began with Papadopoulos, not ‘the Dossier’. The Deep State dam seems to have cracked and it appears that the perpetrators of the coup d’Etat are about to become exposed for all to see.

A primer:

Back in July 2017, a couple of months into his investigation, Mueller learns (possibly from Horowitz) that his lead investigator has texted his girlfriend that ‘there is no there there’ – translated as ‘there was no collusion’.

The cat was out of the bag, so he moves immediately to arrest Papadopoulos, Flynn and Manafort – ostensibly to shut them up. He confiscates all of Manafort’s documents the day after Manafort agreed to give them to congressional investigators.

At that point, Mueller knew that none of these people, including Trump, had any significant contact with Russians, but rather than tell America it was a hoax, he goes to his buddy Rosenstein and gets the Scope Memo, allowing him to drag We the American People through two additional years of hell.

The ‘Memo’ remains largely redacted. Good job, Bob.

Pres Trump, Dan Bongino and wife Nov 24 2018

During his yesterday podcast, Dan Bongino cites a January 2017 article reporting that Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador was reviewed by the FBI who found nothing of significance. Suddenly, in July, after the Strzok texts, they revisit all that, and Flynn is charged with lying.

Conservative Treehouse top-cop ‘sundance’ posits there was a FISA warrant on Flynn, or he’d been unmasked or was being illegally wiretapped.

In the meantime, how about this for a cornucopia of needed investigations – aka Obama’s weaponization of government agencies, the biggest corruption and law-breaking in our lifetimes. This is his legacy.

John Brennan; James Clapper; James Comey; Loretta Lynch; Rod Rosenstein; Andrew McCabe; James Baker; Bruce Ohr; Sally Yates; Peter Strozk; Lisa Page, etc., etc., etc.

Additional CRIMINALS
Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton; 2016 DNC; Susan Rice; Samantha Powers; John Podesta; Marc Elias of Perkins Coie; Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS; Nellie Ohr; Democracy Integrity Project, etc., etc., etc.

Fake News MEDIA – Collusion with the Criminals CNN; MSNBC; NBC; CBS; ABC; NPR; WaPo; NYT; AP; Buzzfeed; BBC; Media Matters; ad nauseam. Not one of those listed, nor many many more, required proof of any evidence be provided for what they were reporting. None.

CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS who colluded with fake media, lied to the American people for two years, and slandered, defamed and lied about president Trump and his family. Adam Schiff; Eric Swalwell; Nancy Pelosi; Jerry Nadler; Maxine Waters; Ted Lieu; Mark Warner; Chuck Schumer; getting tiresome etc., etc., etc.

Dan’s full podcast from yesterday…

It’s refreshing to witness the truth, which, to be fair, has been unraveling for some time albeit in fits and starts.

You won’t see this in the corrupt big deep state fake news ‘Enemedia’ so it only gets exposed on a few spots but there are a few in elected positions who can now turn the tables on those who really were the collusionists and criminals. Still lots of things to tie together here that haven’t been fully tied – like, for instance, Bubba’s tarmac visit with Lynch, OBOs real role, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., etc..

And while I think of it, what about the leftist muckrakers frantically digging through trash looking for scandal to expose anyone and everyone they target – no matter how far back they have to go. Once the ‘Deep State’ has been identified for instance, who exactly do you call?

I’m convinced that the reason for the extended Mueller investigation was the combination of Hilary’s loss (in which all this never would have come up), and the need to divert our attention away from the real deal. There are several layers of scandal involved but Carter and Solomon have been ruthlessly diligent in getting answers.

Like chips off the block that is our warrior-president.

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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