COVID19 sham hoax final bye-bye?

Go ahead, make my…

Good riddance to the “Plandemic”, a sham hoax that’s been in the works since at least 2017 or even prior, and arguably the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.

To a great degree even bigger than 9/11 since the pandemic was being mentioned by the equally sham hoaxers (aka Drs. Fauci / Birx, Bill Gates etal) way back in April of 2017 in the early days of the Trump Admin., when we were being lectured by Fauci regarding a coming seriously-dangerous infectious disease outbreak during the Trump presidency.

More to the point in my mind is, if Fauci knew that, why didn’t he consider doing something about killing it before it was ever released? What did he know and when did he know it? After all he ‘fed’ himself out there to be lauded as the expert of all things “Plandemic” … Mmmm?

This pandemic was indeed unprecedented; never before apparently, had a huge medical apparatus been put in place declaring beforehand a phenomenon issuing a list of Case, Cause, and Death rates that were about to be unleashed on an unwitting public. And all from the knowledge of one man. What did he know and when did he know it?

Never before have healthy citizens been so restricted in their daily coming and going.

COVID19 sham hoax final bye-bye?

Based on the death count, and the shape of the curve leading up to the projected peak in late April, We the (63 million) People were informed ad infinitum on the possibility of some 30,000 deaths. Even more! Then seemingly, the massive death count inflation rate began and the numbers went scarily through the roof; the rules had changed dramatically.

Scores and scores of outraged individuals began to be documented: motorcycle crashes being attributed to COVID19 for one; but that case became just the tip of the fraudulent iceberg. If they can re-classify a case that outrageous, what will they do with pneumonia, cancer, and heart attack cases? Siphon off 5% of these to COVID19, and you create an impressive death count; and an even more impressive payday for the hospitals!

The “virus”, even if it exists as a unique illness (which is difficult to tell with the incredible lying ability of the government media and the complicity of the entire health industry) has killed a small fraction of the number initially claimed. Most of the deaths occurred among those with actual real medical problems, the likes of congestive heart failure and severe diabetes or cancer or gunshot wounds. The number of deaths caused “solely” by COVID19 is probably less than 100, or maybe even ZERO!

Kent County, Michigan (Grand Rapids) has a population of approximately 657,000. According to the Johns Hopkins COVID19 site, the infection rate is 1342 per 100,000 (1.342 percent). There are 8771 reported cases, and 171 deaths — just under 2 percent.

And Governor Whitmer shut things down over such small numbers. What did she know and when did she know it?

Ron Ross, American Thinker: ‘The Pandemic is History’ …

A curious but fortunate characteristic of virus epidemics is their limited life spans. No one knows why, but guesses include herd immunity and mutations of the virus.

The following graph from the Centers for Disease Control and the National Center for Health Statistics shows the time profile of the COVID19 weekly death counts from February onward. (For an interactive version of the graph, go here.)

In the U.S., the virus got underway in March. For the week ending March 14, the total number of deaths nationwide was 52. During the following month, the number of deaths increased rapidly, peaking in the week ending April 18 at a count of 17,026.

From that time onward, the death count declined rapidly to a weekly number of 3,684 in late June. A second “wave” began in July. The peak of that second wave was 6,794 deaths during the week ending July 25.  After that, a steeper decline commenced and accelerated. [-]

[+To cut to the chase] … The latest reported weekly death count (August 29) was 370. That’s out of a population of 330 million people. In a single week, between August 8 and August 15, the number of deaths dropped 85 percent (from 3,169 to 455). The COVID19 death rate in the U.S. is now barely more than one per million and dropping like a rock. Coronavirus deaths are currently half the number of weekly vehicle fatalities. We’re now seeing the pandemic in our rear view mirror. [end]

Full link below…

COVID19 sham hoax final bye-bye…

People (normal people, that is) are sick of it. Whether it’s over or not, it’s over. More and more every day now, I personally see people ignoring mask requirements, getting on with living, and not a peep or even a second glance from maskers in the same space. When you can walk Sam’s Club, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, Home Depot etal, muzzle-or maskless, you know people have had it with being ordered to mask up everywhere they go. You can fool some of the people some or all of the time, but you can hardly fool even a thinking liberal most of the time; or forever. Or never!

Some of the ‘plandemic’ is history, most of it was myth … and a good bit was fraud. Mostly a boatload of Bravo Sierra. On the other hand, the plandemic isn’t over until demoMarxocrats and the MSM say it is. The official preliminary date is November 4th 2020, but could change drastically depending on election results.

Fraud? Could be; COVID19 and ‘sham hoax’, however, wins the trifecta!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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