COVID-19 the hoax of the century…

Go ahead, make my..

COVID-19 the hoax of the century, bar none! … So here I go again, old fashioned survivor of diseases over many years asks, if I don’t go outside and mingle with others of my species, how am I supposed to develop my natural immunities? If there are still new viruses out there needing to be taken care of how can they be taken care of except the body allows them / it to be taken care of?

Back when, a few months ago, I listed all the diseases that yours truly has been carrying around in this body of multiple decades since the end of WWII. Every one of them has been in a benign state since they were allowed to be immunized by the fact of mingling within the very act of living; in other words the body itself is a wonderful immunizer!

As a reminder, over the past getting on for 8 decades, this ancient body has stood up to and contained, the immunization of the likes of *Scarlet fever; *Measles; *Mumps; *Polio; *Tetanus disease; *Whooping cough; *Tuberculosis (TB); *Smallpox; *Malaria; *Chickenpox; *Yellow fever; *Flu; and a whole other bunch of other ‘minor’ invasive diseases added in for good measure.

COVID-19 hoax .. Skeptic cat is forever suspicious

If stupid COVID-19 masks work, why aren’t all businesses open? If they don’t work, why wear them at all? Talking about which, looking out my window while working on this and a FedEx driver delivering a package across the street WEARING A MASK – Strewth!

The ‘suspicious cat’ in me posits the DemoMarxocrat Governors have shares in mask companies because I sure don’t see any other reason why everyone has to wear them. On the other hand of course, this likely is all hype and tension and nothing else.

Referring to my personal disease list above, for instance, doesn’t anyone but the generation of yours truly remember homes being quarantined when kids had the chicken pox, mumps or measles and all the other invasive diseases in the list above, where parents took their kids so they could get the disease and get immunity to it quicker?

What happened to people?

A strong society needs folks prepared to take risks and overcome them. A society made up solely of ‘mousey’ people under the safe hand of ‘Gubmint’ is quite weak and will crumble at the slightest challenge. Yours truly avers that we may be at that point now, the time having come for We the (63 million) People to stand up and take back our economy and livelihood. And yes – We may have to stand up to ‘Gubmint’ to do so.

Jack Hellner, American Thinker: ‘If Media told Truth on COVID-19 Public would Feel Safe in Work and Play’ …

The only place I saw this was on Laura Ingraham’s show Friday night on Fox News, which most of the media wants to shut up.

Facts that most of the media will never show because they wouldn’t scare people:

  • 1,603 counties (52%) of U.S total have zero deaths.
  • 447 Counties (14%) of U.S. Total have one death.
  • 443 Counties (14%) of U.S. total have two to five deaths.

So, 80% of counties have a maximum total of 2,662 deaths and most of the media, along with supposed experts and some Democrat governors are saying keep the economy in depression until we have a vaccine — which may never come. If the public saw the truthful numbers, they would be glad to lead their free life again.

Why doesn’t the rest of the media show these scientific facts since they are all about facts and science? The answer is the facts don’t match the agenda to scare the public. [-]

[+] … We also know, from Dr. Birx, that CDC told hospitals to classify deaths as caused by COVID 19 even if they were only remotely the cause. When have we ever picked a disease of the day to assign deaths to?

Think of the endless coverage this story would get if Trump said truthfully that CDC statistics shouldn’t be trusted. They would call him a liar and say he was anti-science so why so little coverage when Dr. Birx says it? [-]

[+] … When Georgia’s governor decided to reopen around fifteen days ago the public was told what a disaster it would be and the people who wanted to reopen were going to cause more people to die.

The results, instead, have been very good, which is why you won’t see many media outlets won’t report it because it won’t scare people enough. [-]

[+] … In January, February, and early March, many media outlets, WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci, many experts and Democrats were saying COVID wasn’t much to worry about. Trump was called a racist and said to overreact by putting a travel ban on China.  In early March, the CDC and other health experts said masks should not be worn.

Suddenly, in mid-March, we got garbage modeling numbers, clearly not based on scientific data, that said hundreds of millions in the U.S would get the disease and millions would die. [-]

The fix was in, and COVID-19 became the hoax of the century … Full link below…

COVID-19 and George Orwell at the heart of the matter…

There’s a plot to all of this and it’s clear as night and day. President found innocent; Durham cruising along unearthing blockbuster news of illegal crimes by the deep state; the economy roaring. Hmm. Most don’t believe in ‘coincidence’ – including yours truly. To everything there’s a reason.

President Trump had to be brought down, so the lock-down was political maneuvering at its best (worst?), masked as ‘science and medicine’. Trump has been savvy fighting against enemies for 4 years, but he was tripped up slightly by this one. Slightly, I say.

As in ‘Free America now’ (focused primarily on blue state leftist tyrants and a few out of touch republican RINOs) who hopefully will get theirs in droves… Justice definitely on the horizon.

One last closing thought. Does anyone really believe that our intelligence agencies didn’t ‘know’ exactly how deadly or how contagious this virus was before it hit here in America? This was a test run for tyranny on our own soil, particularly from the purloined FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, and the rest. As a bonus, we showed our enemies EXACTLY how to bring America to its knees. Shameful.

Off with the masks and stupidity – time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump putting it all back in place – MAGA! KAG!


Jack Hellner, American Thinker: Media, COVIT-19, and the truth

See also, yours truly, 3/17/2020: Natural Immunity best Health Key…

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