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Pelosi / Schumer up to their usual blame-fest this past Sunday, on their talking heads shows, rinse and repeating an old cough drop crisis ad nauseam. Bottom line, according to these delusional, lying fools is that President Trump is solely responsible for the spread of coronavirus throughout the free world based solely on the fact he is – well, Trump.

As I point out on my FB page today, we are now heading into Chapter 6 of the attempted DemoMarxocrat delusional episodal takedown of our fearless president. Chapter One was the attempted elevation to the highest office on the planet of one, Hillary Rob’em (fail). Chapter Two the ‘Russia Collusion’ (fail). Chapter Three ‘Corruption in the Ukraine’ (fail). Chapter Four the attempted impeachment (fail). And Chapter Five, the current cough drop crisis couched in ominous language like ‘coronavirus COV 19’.

VP Mike Pence leads prayer in White House with Coronavirus team March 1 2020…

It shouldn’t surprise us that they consider the Wuhan virus to be ‘Trump’s Katrina’ (the irony of the fact totally lost on them that every life and home lost in Katrina came as a result of foolish acts by the then-Democrat Governor and New Orleans mayor).

The DemoMarxocrats and their national media are already cue-ing up the famous ‘body count’ Chyron running along the bottom of their Commie News Media screens, so you can bet on seeing that Chyron this week or next. The Chinese are already dancing on American graves, threatening to ‘strategically decide’ to ban all medical exports to the USA, gleefully projecting how the militarily engineered Wuhan virus will then rain havoc on America.

The current iteration of the Dems and their cough drop crisis contains a completely fabricated false narrative surrounding the U.S. response to the afore-mentioned Covid-19 purely to create panic for political gain. This has got to stop. I can only hope the voters remember ALL the manufactured crises the Dems have pushed in the last 3.5 years. Russian collusion, obstruction, Kavanaugh, Ukraine (and a purely partisan impeachment), and now coronavirus. November can’t get here quickly enough.

David Catron, American Spectator: ‘Politicizing Coronavirus Will Cost Democrats the House’ …

It’s clear that the Democrats see the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity rather than an epidemic. Having failed to bring down President Trump with ridiculous conspiracy theories involving Russia and Ukraine, they are desperately attempting to convince the public that he is somehow exacerbating the COVID-19 crisis. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, for example, issued a joint press release Sunday that included the following fiction: “President Trump continues to manufacture needless chaos within his administration and it is hampering the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.” Predictably, Pelosi and Schumer fail to provide any objective facts to support this claim.

This is just the latest in a series of irresponsible assertions by the Democrats. The purported front-runner for their party’s presidential nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden, falsely claimed during a debate in late February that the Trump administration had hampered the federal response to COVID-19 by cutting funding for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH): “We [the Obama–Biden administration] increased the budget of the CDC. We increased the NIH budget.… He’s wiped all that out.… He cut the funding for the entire effort.” This balderdash was too much for the fact checkers at AP, who were quick to debunk the falsehood. The AP report also undermines the “needless chaos” assertion made by Pelosi and Schumer:

The public health system has a playbook to follow for pandemic preparation regardless of who’s president or whether specific instructions are coming from the White House.… Among the health authorities overseeing the work are Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC’s principal deputy director and a veteran of previous outbreaks, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH’s infectious disease chief who has advised six presidents.

Full completion in link below…

DC coverup slowly unraveling… put ’em all in quarantine!

Mmmmm … Memories tend to be forgetful when cough drop crisis battles rage, but just for the record: FLASHBACK to April 2009-2010 – For the US alone. Over 1,000,000 cases, 274,000 Swine Flu hospitalizations. 12,000 deaths and yet the headlines read as follows:

*Swine Flu: Top 5 Reasons Not to Panic – ABC News / *Apocalypse Not: Behind the Swine Flu Hysteria – WIRED/ *H1N1 – Take Precautions, Don’t Panic | MSDS  online / *Swine Flu Is Bad, But Panic Is Dangerous – CBS News / *The spread of swine flu – Don’t panic—yet | Britain | The Daily Mail / *’Pandemic’ means pay attention, not panic – Health – Swine flu NBC NEWS / *Don’t Panic – Top 5 Swine Flu Do’s and Don’t’s – TIME / *It’s probably swine flu but don’t panic, doctors advise – HOME / *ADVICE ON FLU: ‘DON’T PANIC’ – Baltimore Sun / *Plan, don’t panic: Strategic small businesses can weather. USA TODAY

*Don’t Panic, Swine Flu Patients Say Online – Technology News / *Commentary: Swine flu is no cause for panic yet – McClatchy DC /  *Swine flu: don’t panic, don’t relax – Life Matters – ABC Radio / *Swine flu advice: Don’t panic – The Oklahoman / *Swine Flu – Don’t Panic | HuffPost Life / *Swine flu hits Cape Town but don’t panic – health dept – Biznews / *Swine flu: experts urge ‘don’t panic’ | Great Yarmouth News / *Experts say it’s not the time to panic about swine flu outbreak / *Don’t panic says schools as child is diagnosed with swine flu / *Health experts say ‘don’t panic’ as swine flu arrives | Burnham

*Illinois: Don’t panic about swine flu | Illinois News | gctimes . com / *Editorial: Don’t panic; use sensible measures to fight swine flu / *Local health officials: Be careful but don’t panic over swine flu / *Bulletin: Don’t panic over swine flu | Shropshire Star / *Top Irish doctor issues warning against swine flu panic / *Mangalore: Swine Flu – Don’t Panic; Follow Simple Steps / *Be vigilant but don’t panic about swine flu, doctor says – News / *Swine flu reaches Ballarat but don’t panic | The Courier / *’Don’t panic about swine flu’ say Hertfordshire health chiefs / *Don’t panic, prepare – National Post …

*Swine Flu: Don’t Panic | Stage Noise – Diana Simmonds / *Don’t panic, we are taking all steps to control swine flu: PM / *Don’t panic, says flu survivor – Swine Flu News – India Today / *What we think: Don’t panic over H1N1 bug | Agweek / *Be vigilant about swine flu, but don’t panic – News – The Patriot / *Don’t panic! A short Q&A on swine flu | aidsmap / *Top Florida Doc on Swine Flu: ‘Don’t Panic’ – NBC 6 South

OH the shameless double-standards … One would think that it’s all just a co-ordinated cough drop crisis mess!! [sarc]

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


David Catron, American  Spectator: Politicizing Coronavirus Will Cost Dems the House

Wikipedia: 2009 Flu Pandemic in the United States


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