Coronavirus latest sham scare scam

Go ahead, make my..

The other day I posted a short version of the following to my FB page … Just WHO (short for World Health Organization) is pushing the Coronavirus? How come we don’t wring our hands about 100,000 deaths a year from hospital infections? Or how about the CDC in 2018 reporting 80,000 influenza deaths? How about the huge numbers of overdose deaths? The hundreds of thousands of homeless dying on the streets of San Francisco and other what once were safe and beautiful cities? Just what is so special about yet another statistical death rate that barely gets read or talked about, or lined up with existing statistics of people being ‘offed’? 

Could it be political, perhaps? [snarc]

They’ve got some very dangerous whack jobs on the Left side of the human spectrum and it wouldn’t even slightly surprise any one of us if one of them (for the right number of Benjamins, of course) would travel overseas to get intentionally infected so they could offer themselves up as a Typhoid Jack or Mary ‘patient zero’ traveling around the country spreading the disease far and wide just to teach Trump and America a lesson; thereby (for them) swinging the election.

Oh, but the tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

Faux Sec of State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and dubious ‘reset’ button. The real ‘Russian collusion delusion’  deserves jail time…

On the other hand of course, in the somewhat immortal words of #44 hit man Rahm Emanuel – ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste!’ The loons on the Left know the only chance they have of retaking power is for this manufactured crisis to become a pandemic and thereby dramatically affecting the world economy, where the uninformed and panicky make overly rash decisions.

Hence the fabricated details out of thin air like the Hillary Rob’Em disastrous Russian collusion delusion and the spurious Ukraine scandals. One of these fine days maybe Rob’Em, Bill and #44 will finally get theirs.

I read a little earlier yesterday that CostCo had sold out of their freeze dried survival food packages online – including their special $4999 pallet of food. Panic, where is thy sting?

Last I looked, we have 59 confirmed cases in the US with zero deaths. That is 0.00000018266% of the US population. Panic does funny things to otherwise rational people.

Stephen Green, PJMedia: “What the Left will do when a Billion-Jillion Americans don’t Die of Coronavirus’ …

Have you been watching the TV news about the coronavirus not-quite-yet-a-pandemic? Normally, I only watch TV news when I’m drunkblogging a debate or an election, but I’m at CPAC this week, and the TV news is impossible to avoid here in the work-suite I’m sharing during the stay with my Townhall compadres. If you’ve had better luck at avoiding the TV news than I have in recent days, let me sum up their coronavirus coverage for you.[-]



Never you mind that the guy has built an impressive number of hotels, resorts, etc., which getting done even one time requires a sharp eye for finding the right people, an obsessive attention to detail, savvy enough to deal with greedy union officials and corrupt politicians (and an even sharper eye for telling which is which, because in big cities that can be very blurred line), knowledge of finance and regulation… well, I think you get the idea. Sloppy people who aren’t good managers can barely get their kitchens remodeled, much less erect giant downtown hotels. [-]

[+] … As for Bernie Sanders, Tom Rogan explained on Wednesday that the “coronavirus vaccine shows the problem with Bernie Sanders’ socialism.” Here’s the key bit:

It’s textbook moral capitalism: innovation fueled by the private sector interest in delivering a return on investment. Again, American dominance in this process is not at all accidental. American private biomedical research investment stretches into many tens of billions of dollars each year. It dramatically exceeds government funding. But the broader issue here is the global pharmaceutical market. Namely, in which American companies produce the vast majority of new drugs that allow the world’s citizens to live longer, healthier lives.

Sanders has promised to take the profits out of pharmaceuticals, which Rogan says “would kill the goose that’s been laying golden eggs for everyone.” [end]

Full disclosure in link below…

Coronavirus latest sham scam … pass it on!

What all the ‘wired-for-Trump’ Coronavirus hatchet-men and women are after of course, is their unrelenting attack (currently morphing into its 4th year!) on all things ‘Trumpian’. Whatever and however they can demean his entire presidency, they seem hellbent on facilitating.

But hey, wait a cotton-pickin’ minute – the fake lamestreams support Medicare for All, Open Borders, Socialized Pharma, and free college bachelors degrees as the quick-fix solution to all their perceived problems! Throw in deplorable clinger Racist cis-genders (not a trans-gender bone in the body), toss in a BA in gender colonial racial studies with knowledge about everything to do with epidemiology, pharmacology, and all that public health stuff, and Caitlyn Jenner be damned. Move over Bruce!

Hey, that’s nothin’. how about a PhD in intersectional Librarianism with a minor in immigrant liberation studies. That would make you an expert on climate science, child-raising, energy policy, foreign relations AND epidemiology with economics thrown in on the side! The Huff Post told us so! So there!

Say. No. More. Folks … there’s a carcinogen hanging around somewhere just waiting to be discovered for everyone. Ouch!

And on that note, time for (thank God!) today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Stephen Green, PJMedia: What the Left will do when a Billion-Jillion Americans don’t Die of Coronavirus

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