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Apparently the ‘manufactured crisis’ industry is very much alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of some very seriously-challenged occupants of the constitutional republic. Some delusional types actually go to the immense trouble of orchestrating and producing what we might term ‘sham racist attacks’ on themselves and certain organizations to expose that serious threat of extinction from those damned selfish white folks who spend all their time prowling around hither and yon seeking to wreck civilization in its present form. Seriously.[sarc]

Forgetting the plight of ‘Jussie’ for the moment, let’s focus on a rather more sobering conflict within the constitutional republic that goes on day in and day out from the likes of organizations with gently-sounding names like ‘Common Cause’; ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’; American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC !!); ‘Black Lives Matter’; ‘Muslim Brotherhood’; ‘Right Wing Watch’; ‘Source Watch’; ‘Media Matters’; ‘Think Progress’; ‘Center for American Progress’ and other Soros-controlled flagships of hate and confusion.

A prominence no less than David Horowitz, one of the most visible and audible voices of conservative freedom anywhere on the planet or within the constitutional republic (having morphed into ‘conservatism’ following years of torment under a family of Marxist-communist indoctrination) has found himself under attack lately from the same forces of evil that would be pounding on the resolute desk and personage of one President Donald J Trump.

Spreading discord and contempt for rule of law within the constitutional republic is the new war tactic of the shameless DemoRINOMarxist cabal, embedded, no less, within the deep confines of our own government. The outrage is that Sixteen (“16”) states are currently in a mind-haze of insurrection, having brazenly shown that they are not united with the rest of the nation. Just think about that little picture if you are sitting in China or Russia or Iran.

One of those Black Swans I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Here’s the opener from David Horowitz in today’s American Thinker : ‘Christine Ford, Justin Fairfax, and Me’…

When it was reported that the law firm of Ballard Spahr was representing Justin Fairfax, the Virginia Lieutenant Governor accused of raping two women, several bells went off in my head. I knew Ballard Spahr had also represented the serial liar Christine Blasey Ford in her attempt to destroy the reputation and career of Brett Kavanaugh. But I was also familiar with Ballard as the firm that represented the once-liberal organization Common Cause in its attempt to tar me as a “white supremacist” and “sexist,” and destroy my own reputation. This effort was particularly instructive in revealing the dangerous mentality behind the blacklist, and the menace it poses not only to conservatives like myself, but to the future of our democracy.

The episode that put Ballard on my radar was an American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC) convention that took place last August in New Orleans. About 1200 state legislators attended. The entire thrust of my speech was that Republicans were too timid in advancing conservative agendas. I urged them to seize the opportunities created by President Trump’s bold and aggressive example.[1] I noted that Republicans had failed to repeal and replace Obamacare though they had been elected to do just that. I also referred to the fact that Republicans controlled 33 legislatures but had done nothing to stop Democrat teacher unions and their members from turning the K-12 schools into indoctrination platforms for leftist agendas. The result, was that, “school curricula have been turned over to racist organizations like Black Lives Matter, and terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood [through its front group CAIR].” These were the only references to blacks or Muslims I made in a 20-minute speech, but they were enough for leftists to use them to attack me and damage my hosts.[2]

Read to completion in link down below…

The strategy is one that is advanced by every country that would attempt to overthrow the government of the USA. But beware. Our enemies are winning.

Among which, are those “16” from above: California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Hawaii / Illinois / Maine / Maryland / Michigan /  Minnesota / Nevada / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / Oregon and Virginia …

Most of which, by the way, are either broke or going broke.

Daniel Greenfield came to the defense of David Horowitz in today’s FrontPageMag : ‘What was at stake in Horowitz battle in Arizona’ …

It’s 2019.

Who would want to oppose a code of ethics for K-12 teachers telling them not to “segregate students according to race”?

The answer is the media. When State Rep. Mark Finchem in Arizona proposed HB 2002, a code of ethics for educators that included a ban on segregation, he was targeted with media hit pieces accusing him of extremism.

Since his bill had some similarities to the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s K-12 code of ethics, the media attacked a code of ethics opposing racial segregation with smears accusing Horowitz of racism.

Brenna Bailey of the Arizona Daily Star called David Horowitz, a “white extremist”.  Bailey was smearing a Jewish civil rights activist as a “white extremist” for opposing racial segregation.

“Is it too much to ask of our elected officials NOT to copy a so-called ethics code for teachers from an operation with racist overtones?” EJ Montini at the Arizona Republic bleated.

“It is not difficult to figure out where Horwitz is coming from,” Montini wrote.

David Horowitz has written countless books, pamphlets, editorials and articles laying out his views. Meanwhile the activists misrepresenting his views can’t even bother getting his name right.

The Freedom Center fought back with an op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star, but not before our name had been dragged through the dirt in an attempt to falsely smear Rep. Finchem and stop HB 2002.

Read complete article in link below…

So there you have it folks.

Just dwell for a moment or two on that list of internal enemies within the constitutional republic who collectively have sworn animus against their fellow-American states. All it would take is for Texas to trigger the secede button and that would be that!

Long gone are the days of ‘California Dreamin’ or for that matter, the cesspool it has morphed into. The disease unfortunately, has been allowed to spread outwards to Colorado, Oregon, Washington. Arizona is now under siege, as are New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and other States. It is like the Bubonic Plague, except few are paying any attention to it. Soon rather than later, they’ll all become veritable ‘no-go zones.

If our two party system still operated on the level they are supposed to and if they worked as they were intended to work and if we didn’t have traitors embedded in the system, then the nation could function as ‘united’.

But until the nation regains its balance, fighting an internal war could possibly lurch on forever.

And on that sobering note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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