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Many moons ago on a proverbial planet ‘far, far, away’ I was expertly tutored by a college professor with vision who would occasionally mispronounce the word ‘consequence’ in an effort to impress upon we neophyte students the implication of actions in our lives, with intent over one way or the other. ‘Consequence’ became ‘quinsequence’ (his spelling) with a meaning of upside down; downside up; inside out; outside in; square, round hole, square; etc etc.

I got to thinking about him during and following the horrendously outrageous DemoMarxist treatment of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and how they attempted to smear him and bring him down with their contemptible behavior.

Quoting Patricia McCarthy from her piece coming up in today’s American Thinker: ‘The Democrats’ venal treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October was a rallying cry for conservatives if there ever was one. Those hearings demonstrated for all who watched what the American left has become’.

Ms. McCarthy is totally correct of course. The dearly-departed professor would have been profoundly upset at the consequence of their actions, with something like ‘if only those fools could understand the quinsequences of their actions; they’re digging their own graves’.

We could of course, go on to opine that the above action was the latest outrage committed by the DemoMarxist left until their so-called migrant caravans exploded in their face like a house of cards falling down.

Considering all the dirty tricks and lies that have been perpetrated nonstop for the past two years (and the consequence thereof) we have warrior-president Trump winning on every subject he touches, slaying twitter dragons and demons with a single hand, while giving it back to the mindless leftist trolls ten-fold.

Let us segue` then into Patricia McCarthy and her opener to ‘The Left doesn’t Care’…

The other day, Rush Limbaugh played a clip of political analyst Charles Cook of the Cook Report speaking to a group of actuaries.  He told the group that “truth be told, even if the unemployment rate was zero and the economy was growing at twice the rate it is now, his wife and daughter would still hate Trump and his supporters.” Presumably Cook agrees with them.

So there it is.  That pretty much says it all about who the left is today. These self-appointed leftist elites who hate Trump so much do not care one bit about the country. They don’t care what Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation, and phenomenal success at bringing back jobs have meant to millions of Americans. They could not care less about the relief Trump’s agenda has brought to millions of small businesses buried by Obama’s crushing economic dictates. Cook markets himself as a nonpartisan analyst, but he is nothing of the sort.  Like the rest of the left, he sees himself as one of those who should be calling the shots, deciding who should and should not have power. To such people, their power is in molding the minds and opinions of the rest of us.  Since they lost in 2016, they are furiously intent upon foiling Trump. They have failed there as well, which is why they are motivated by one emotion: hate – hate for Trump and hatred for those of us who elected him.

It is hard to fathom how completely the left ignores the Trump rallies that so many thousands of people attend. Is it possible that these events are not a sign of massive support for the president? They are meaningless to the left; they dismiss the people who attend as “toothless rednecks.” They have clearly not been paying close attention. These people are the heart and soul of America, the people Trump won over throughout the campaign by acknowledging them and their contributions to making this country function as it does, the people for whom the left feels nothing but disdain. Are there enough of them to see that the Republicans keep the House?  We will not know until the votes are counted. But the Democrats, having learned nothing from 2016, will hopefully again be faced with defeat.

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Consider the consequence of average little guys finally getting some of those self-described Nancy Pelosi ‘crumbs’, the ‘quinsequences’ of which have added up to ‘YUUUUGE’ savings when factoring in all the many sweet-winning combinations of better jobs; increased wages paying more money; unheard of returns on retirement accounts; after a decade or more of increasing populations of illegals, and stagnation and decline in employment, American nationalism is once again taking off with no end in sight, undoubtedly due to the overall ‘Trump effect’.

We the People are all aware of the fallacy and dangers of listening to the self-serving media and their pollster-laden brethren. ‘Quinsequently’, the historical record does not include data points for the following:

1) Donald Trump as president – there is no historical parallel. 2) The Kavanaugh hearing – again no historical parallel or anything like it. 3)  Caravans of invaders or anything like them, swathing into our nation. 4) And all of this and more, on top of the great economic recovery that has happened in only two years.

Finally – Keep in mind the ‘quinsequence’ that these are the very same pollsters who claimed that Rob’em Clinton had a lock on the White House in 2016 and the DemoMarxists simply lapped up their lies. Some people never learn…

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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