Congress as China ‘offshore facility’

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Congress as China ‘offshore facility’. Yes folks, the Coronavirus has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that our dependence on China needs to end sooner rather than later. Congress needs to finally wake up and come to the conclusion that China is not an ally of the US but a competitor that has taken full advantage of us for far too many years. Now they have caused severe economic damage with the mismanagement of this Coronavirus,

Democrats have morphed into the DemoMarxist Coronacrat party.

From the outset of his declaration to run for the highest office on the planet, president Trump made this the primary lesson we should learn from this crisis – put America first, buy American made (or at least friendly allied made) and prevent the globalists from interfering in America’s affairs.

In this regard, and in spite of Congress, China became the first (and biggest) target. And no wonder! After all, Congress has been acting as a China offshore facility for at least the 20+ years since the Clinton regime and right up to #44/Biden.

It has taken president Trump to bust Congress and China. 

Coronavirus task force take down Coronacrat party

It’s definitely no secret for instance that the last 3 decades have allowed countless Congress-critters to get rich from the bribes of the Chinese. The Clintons-Bush-Obama-Feinstein-McConnell-Boehner-Biden (who’m I missing?) have all made corrupt and self serving deals with the Chinese. Feinstein had a hidden-in-full-view China spy driving her around for 10 +years with nary a whimper from anyone about what she was up to.

Of course, the Chinese are never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, and as the prime manufacturer/supplier of pharmaceuticals in the world it stands to reason they need to create a desperate market for these items. By releasing deadly lab-created viruses into the world economy it doesn’t take long for countries to respond. Following his 2016 electoral victory as mentioned above president Trump recognized this early on and was faced with fierce resistance when he pushed forth on reversing the deal. He will now have an open door for his policies.

The myth of the China market has long distorted American foreign policy for more than a century. It is what led the first Bush to opt for ‘stability’, and stand by silently while those brave Chinese protesters who erected that Statue of Liberty replica in Tiananmen Square were crushed by Chinese communist tanks. A deeply shameful event still biting us in the butt.

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Caronavirus Will Give President Trump his Biggest Win’…

The peace and prosperity of President Trump’s first term in office was his biggest reelection asset, but also the greatest roadblock to his agenda. A strong economy and a lack of major domestic threats lulled much of the country into a false sense of security. These golden years, in sharp contrast to the economic malaise and regular terror attacks of the Obama era, made it hard for many to feel a sense of urgency.

The border crisis was remote for most people. As were the continuing deaths in Afghanistan.

The media’s torrent of smears and hit jobs, the sabotage of the administration by the bureaucracy, and a Democrat House bent on impeachment, made D.C. politics into the single greatest national crisis.

And that was exactly how they wanted it.

The Democrats didn’t really think that they could impeach President Trump and the media didn’t seriously believe that its hit pieces would force him out of office, but they contrived to divert the attention of the White House from its agenda with its Weapons of Mass Distraction. And many conservatives likewise became so focused on these political stunts that they lost sight of the big picture.

We kept all our attention on the inside baseball of D.C. which was just what the Democrats wanted.

The coronavirus crisis breaks up the peace and prosperity of the first term. It makes the path to a second term more challenging. And it makes President Trump a wartime president, empowered by public fears to take all the actions that he needs to lead this country through the crisis and secure a second term.

Full link below…

Biden & Bernie battle it out for the DemoMarxist Coronacrat party…

The Coronavirus has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that our dependence on China needs to end sooner rather than later. That the DemoMarxist Coronacrat party has been engaged in writing its own epitaph as a long-lost party that simply couldn’t sustain the interest of fully half of the American voting population.

When the best they can muster for the highest office on the planet is a duo of soon-to-be octogenarians currently 77 and 78 years old, both of whom are incapable of stringing two deliverable sentences together, it becomes alarming indeed to wonder just who and why and for what purpose is the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the political curtain.

China isn’t and never really has been an ally of the United States, but a competitor that has taken full advantage of our nation for far too many years. Now they’ve caused severe global economic damage with the mismanagement of this virus from which they will undoubtedly pay a full price.

The primary lesson we should all learn from this crisis is to put America first and foremost.

As Daniel Greenfield expressed it in his closing paragraph: President Trump can win big by making the case to the nation that the open borders and global government crowd has caused this disaster. The coronavirus is the perfect storm that their global lifestyles, crowded urban centers, international trade, and global bureaucracies have wrought.

Globalism is the disease. MAGA is the cure.

And on THAT positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: Coronavirus Will Give President Trump Big Win

Matthew Vadum, FrontPageMag Archives: Bill Clinton gave China Missile Technology


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