Comey self-righteous Friday dump

En Garde in the bunker…

One thing you can definitely give the ignominious James Comey credit for is his chutzpah; the absolute unfathomable outrage of course being that he took over the top job at the FBI from his long-time best friend Robert Mueller.

Never forget that.

And while we’re at it, let us state categorically that Mueller’s job for the past two years wasn’t so much to attack our fearless president as it was to delay (while covering up) crimes and misdemeanors by the FBI and DOJ. All you need do is to look into Strzok and Page’s erased i-phones, to find a veritable rat’s nest of collusion and delusion; to which we could possibly find more.

Fact is that James Comey committed numerous Class One felonies as a person in a position of trust while head of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency. He therefore becomes tainted as an arch-criminal who proactively and passionately morphed the FBI into a criminal enterprise (no small feat, indeed) through his actions and appointments. As a result he should be prosecuted for these crimes, not merely criticized or disdained.

President Trump takes aim at DC Swamp…

Finding the vault empty after 2+ years of attacking the President is somehow the FBI’s finest hour, because, hey, Trump was morally unfit, so no harm done [sarc]. As for Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Page, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, etal, let’s just say that they (and scores of others) have totally destroyed the reputation of the DoJ, FBI, and CIA through a horrendous abuse of authority.

Make no mistake – Comey KNOWS that he and the rest of his cronies created the pretext for a fake investigation at the initiative of Hillary Rob’em, satiated at the time, and salivating over the possibility of another sojourn in the vaunted White House, only this time as ‘her highness’ – first female president in history.

Thank GOD for his intervention with the elevation of We the People’s choice and not the wannabe queen bee ‘shoe-in’!

On to ‘sundance’ and his opener in Conservative Treehouse: ‘Sanctimonious Comey Heads Toward the Exit’…

The pontificating, smug, condescending and sanctimonious former FBI Director; who appointed himself the arbiter of all moral virtue; is apparently attempting to steer his high-horse toward the exit of a Mueller narrative he created.

In typical leftist fashion, James Comey now attempts to distance himself from the damage he created; and position his sheeple followers to accept the lack of actual substance behind his prior snake-oil promises.

What an absolute fraud this guy is.

It is stunning to think he once was the Director of the FBI… Then again, the 2.0 version in Christopher Wray isn’t much of an improvement.  I digress.

JAMES COMEY […]  But not everyone knows what it “must” say. Even though I believe Mr. Trump is morally unfit to be president of the United States, I’m not rooting for Mr. Mueller to demonstrate that he is a criminal. I’m also not rooting for Mr. Mueller to “clear” the president. I’m not rooting for anything at all, except that the special counsel be permitted to finish his work, charge whatever cases warrant charging and report on his work.

President Trump’s constant attacks on the special counsel, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department over the past two years raised the prospect that he would interfere to stop the special counsel’s work. It is deeply concerning that the president of the United States would try to protect himself by torching the institutions of justice. But he hasn’t used his authority to end Mr. Mueller’s work. (That would have been a crisis of a different order — shutting down the investigation, rather than just trying to undermine its credibility.) So we are in a position to wonder and hope about the report’s content.

[…]  I have no idea whether the special counsel will conclude that Mr. Trump knowingly conspired with the Russians in connection with the 2016 election or that he obstructed justice with the required corrupt intent. I also don’t care.

Read to completion in link down below…

I’m no psychologist by any means, but James Comey has so many psychological problems that president Trump’s referring to him as a ‘nutjob’ summarizes things best. Recall for instance during that one ‘hearings event’, Diane (China) Feinstein, sensing he was veering off-balance, treated Comey like a little boy caught with his hand stuck in the cookie jar.

Comey played right along.

As we’ve witnessed repeatedly, We the People’s president is a natural-born leader who prefers stepping up to deal with situations rather than letting them fester.

To this day Comey never has figured out what to say or do because president Trump has very effectively shown the world that there were actions afoot to pull off a soft coup, in which Comey was involved. Contrary to his sanctimonious statements, Comey felt allegiance to this sick coup group over allegiance to the constitution, rule of law, and the American people.

Bureaucrats tend to fall apart when anything serious begins to happen. Which is why we’re watching how the sick FBI and DOJ deal with this awful reality. Wray admonishing his people to protect the FBI brand will not easily fix the very serious problems the FBI has. As for what Attorney General Barr is doing – give it a few weeks.

In the meantime, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse and: Sanctimonious Comey Heads Toward the Exit

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