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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke, in a letter to Thomas Mercer

Way back when it was all happening, the Founding Fathers knew that they had a unique opportunity to leave monarchy and oligarchy behind in the Old World, and begin a great experiment to prove or disprove the contention that free men could govern themselves with courage and integrity. The essential assertion of the progressive left is that the Founders were naïve idealists, that men are too selfish and weak to behave so altruistically. So, beginning with the Woodrow Wilson presidency, they set about to corrupt the people of America, simultaneously proving the Founders wrong and establishing oligarchy all over again.

Skip a century, and the problem with James Comey is that he’s not a cop, he’s a political lawyer, and if you go down his back trail you find all sorts of refuse of him making political decisions benefiting the Clintons. Comey is evil, because he is not doing ‘nothing.’ The action he took in accepting his position as the head of the FBI, included taking an oath he couldn’t (and apparently still can’t) uphold. At some point, he should’ve resigned when he realized that he couldn’t do the job. If Hillary is elected, the destruction in life and values that will result will be on his head, along with many others.


Wikileaks, internal FBI agents, and NYPD insiders (according to dozens of recent reports) have all done their bit, and it’s now up to the American people. It’s no surprise that Comey chickened out again, since both of his powerful bosses – Obama, Lynch, and the rest of the corrupt cabal – are clearly on Hillary’s side.

Remember that Obama publicly cleared her of wrongdoing long before the FBI concluded its ‘investigation’, and he clearly intends her to succeed him, hence why would he be campaigning so much for her? Because that so-called ‘precious legacy’ of his needs preserving, that’s why.

AG Lynch rose to prominence by virtue of Hillary’s ‘husband’, who appointed her U.S. Attorney for New York’s east district in 1999, so she isn’t going to bite the hands that feed her, not with Hillary dangling the prospect of her continued position as Attorney General should Hillary succeed in stealing the election.

So not surprisingly, AG Lynch refused to convene a grand jury for a rightful and proper investigation into the now-ballooning email scandal, instead shamelessly meeting with Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, while his wife was being investigated. Never mind that Bill himself, by virtue of his role in the sleazy Clinton Foundation was also a suspect in the investigation. Maybe Bubba was simply reminding her of his past favors towards her, and what might befall her were she not to do the ‘right thing.’

As Daniel Greenfield outlines in his piece  from today’s FrontPageMagazine:

  • Comey between 2010 and 2013 took 11 million dollars for being on various corporate boards of directors.
  • One was Lockheed Martin who Comey advised to donate to the Clinton Foundation; which they did.
  • Comey was also on the board of HSBC, the bank which administers the Clinton Foundation from Switzerland.
  • Comey shut down FBI surveillance of the San Bernardino jihadist operation and he also ended the surveillance of Omar Mateen’s mosque in Orlando – both of which resulted in the mass slaughter of dozens of people.

This guy is a corrupt political stooge with blood on his hands.[end]


It doesn’t matter much who wins tomorrow. The fact that half of the American people would hold a criminal and traitor like Clinton in such high regard that she has a very good chance of becoming their next ruler, proves that a great swath of the nation have become irredeemably corrupt. The left has not yet won, but they are in the home stretch, regardless of who wins the election.

As for Comey, as Daniel Greenfield describes in his closer:

“James Comey took an oath. But he also has a $3 million house in Westport. The same is true, in various price ranges, across the government. Comey tried to keep his oath until it posed too much of a risk. Then he broke it .. There are many Comeys in our government .. Some are elected officials and others appointed ones. They hate the compromises that they are forced to make. And they push back to the extent of their courage .. And then their courage fails .. They turn on the television at home and they watch it, wishing that someone out there would have the courage to do the right thing …”

“There are those who hoped that James Comey would be that man. But, like so many of them, he chose his career, his home and his ambitions over his oath.”


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

Every agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” And he swears to “faithfully discharge the duties of the office.”

It is much the same oath taken by members of Congress, by military officers and government employees. It is an oath that goes back to Washington and Lincoln. Its origins lie in the Constitution.

And FBI Director James Comey violated it.

The oath is not to any president or government, but to the impartial law of the Constitution. It says that no one is above the law. James Comey twice stated implicitly that one politician is above the law.

Twice now, Comey faced a choice between his own rank and file agents who dutifully followed their oaths and faithfully discharged the duties of their office by investigating criminal conduct at the highest level and his political superiors who sought to protect the criminal conduct from coming to light.

Twice now, Comey submitted to a cover-up. Twice he violated his oath, sold out his own investigators and got nothing for his troubles except a swift kick in the teeth from the national press corps.

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