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James Carville, a DemoMarxist strategist and former Bubba Clinton associate, once coined a phrase about dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, in reference to Hillary Rob’em’s ‘bimbo eruptions’ (the group of women the vast right wing conspiracy no doubt lined up against her husband).

These days, it would appear that the Hill-Billy’s are chasing those same hundred dollar bills desperately, trying to squeeze any remaining value out of their name while they can. Following the Kavanaugh hearings, the Carville meme got an update, as in ‘drag a hundred dollar bill through Stanford University, you never know what you’ll find.’

Well, fast-forward to today, and the once well-heeled prognosticator-duo are in the position of having to beg for people to even consider attending their snooze-fests they liberally-title ‘An Evening with the Clintons’.

‘Snooze-time’ wouldn’t even come close to describing what the definition of an evening with those two would entail. Don Surber from his today Blog:

Just a note to my readers in Sugar Land, Texas. Tomorrow is “An Evening With The Clintons” at the Smart Financial Centre. Those of you who waited to purchase your tickets to see a power couple from the last century are in luck. Prices for some of the tickets have been sliced by 90% or more.

When the tour was announced two months ago, the cheapest seats were $70.

Now, $6 gets you in.

The cheapest Cleveland Cavaliers ticket is $24 — and that’s without LeBron James on the team.

To be fair, he’s not with the Clintons on this tour either.

Thomas Lifson wrote, “Apparently, the Clintons’ political life is set to end not with a bang, but a whimper.  I wonder what kind of envy Bill and Hillary Clinton experienced over the jam-packed arenas – with thousands listening outside – that President Trump always has, as they gazed out at the more than 15,000 empty seats facing them last night in Toronto on their stadium speaking tour.  Even though curtains were erected cutting the arena in half, the vacant seats far outnumbered the occupied ones.  The U.K. Daily Mail reports that 3,300 tickets were sold in the Scotiabank Arena, which holds 19,800, 16.6% of capacity.”

They have receded from a power couple to a couple of the powerless.

I am sure they got paid upfront. My hope is whoever put this wingding together loses money. Bigly.

Thomas Lifson chimed in on his American Thinker: ‘I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. But the first stop on the tour, in Las Vegas, was canceled with no explanation, leading to the possible inference that advance sales were so bad that cancelation was less expensive than presenting it.’

‘Live Nation is a publicly held New York Stock Exchange-listed company with more than ten billion dollars in revenue last year, so it can afford to take a big loss on the Clintons without it even showing up as “material” in required SEC disclosures. We are unlikely to ever find out how big a disaster the tour turns out to be. But 90% off tells us a lot.’

‘The old saying for those selling perishable commodities – those that become unsaleable after a certain moment in time, such as airline or concert tickets – is derived from fish-mongers: “Sell it or smell it.” With the Clintons, the unpleasant odor of corruption and lies is already present.'[end]

The six-dollar special that’ll get you a dozen pecan tarts at Tom Thumb or Wally-world. And to be honest with you, the tarts are a whole lot better value than either the Clinton drones or the Obama ‘I, me, him, myself and us’ congratulatory lie-fest.

Somewhat coincidentally, Obama Osama’s Tourist Tango has been suffering in exactly the same way, where his pre-election speaking tour in Anaheim attracted not 20,000. Not 7500; but a paltry 750 attendees, and even that was likely counting some folks twice or three times.

On the other hand on that same night, warrior-president Trump addressed a crowd in Billings Montana, a metropolitan area maybe 1% the size of Greater LA, and he not only filled an arena (10,000), but had more than that outside watching on large screens.

It’s now official, the Clintons are even less popular than the WNBA.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – BOOM-bala-MAGA!


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