Clinton EMail Saga Drawing Close..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Let’s face it right up front, folks. Hillary Clinton is guilty. Everyone knows it. The fact that she will walk (and likely run for president as the Democrat nominee) is just proof of the rampant corruption in American politics. Particularly since the dawn of the “Clinton Coming” back in 1992.

Hillary Clinton has been a one-woman crime machine since her days in Arkansas. Remember her first foray into scandal-dom was as first “lady” when she took a $100,000 bribe thinly disguised as earnings in cattle futures from Arkansas’s largest employer, Tyson Foods.

Then there was the incident of the Clintons renting out the Lincoln bedroom when they occupied the WH and then their stealing the furniture and scads of other items on their way out. Remember also that Hillary’s brother was selling presidential pardons in the last days of Bubba’s presidency.

The Clinton Foundation at its core is nothing more than a giant money tree for Bubba, Hillary and Chelsea. Surely We The People are not gullible enough to believe that foreign governments give millions to this “foundation” without expecting something in return? Did a Canadian mining magnate generously give millions to this shell and then unexpectedly get a US State Department OK to sell US uranium deposits to Russia? Do the despotic middle east oil sheikhs really care about charity when they write large checks to this foundation?

In short you do not, and cannot go, from being dirt poor in “public service” to being fabulously wealthy as an elected official without being corrupt. The more Hillary Abedin Clinton appears in public, even in front of her staged audiences (observe the times they yawn and cringe), the more the electorate gets to hear the lies, the screeching, the cackling, the witnessing of the head-bobbing with feigned interest and sincerity, then the less likeable she is. Face it, she’s a horrible person and a pathetic candidate.

Hillary provided an ‘OPEN DOOR’ for America’s enemies to penetrate and spy on our nation. We already have acknowledgement from team Hillary that suspected hacking attempts had been going on but Mrs. Clinton in her wisdom failed to report breaches to appropriate security officials. When you suspect you may have been hacked it is no longer a question. The only question that exists is how deeply you have been hacked and by whom. The Russians are advertising that they had access to Hillary’s emails and have threatened to release over 20,000 of them in their possession. What other foreign adversaries and bad actors were shown an ‘OPEN DOOR’ into America’s secrets because of her careless and reckless behavior? Honestly, Secretary Clinton needs to be in a jail and maybe a pancake house, but certainly not the White House.

In closing, let’s not forget Bubba and the influence of his criminal activities, couple these together into an “all-in-one” and you have the perfect script for “The Godfather – Part 4” …
1) Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” in the Virgin Islands with many villas. Bubba flew down on Jeffrey’s plane, the Lolita approximately 30 times.
2) Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire and he served a little time in a plush prison for around nine months, though he was sentenced longer. He got a “sweet” deal with the help of Bill Clinton.
3) Also the butler of Jeffrey Epstein had a list of people who visited there and some with their names circled, all very well known.
4) Bill Clinton is a low life criminal who has used his positions since governor of Arkansas to run cocaine, launder money and other crimes.
5) His foundation and his shell companies are being investigated now for money laundering.
6) They both have spent their entire adult life as criminals.

Definitely time for Justice to take its course.


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