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Yes indeed folks, you read that right – the ‘Capo di tutti Capi’ (little bit of the ‘Godfather’ lingo right there) of this entire attempted invasion of the sovereign Constitutional Republic of the United States is an amalgam of the venal triumverate made up of China, Russia, and Venezuela. The very same Capo’s who are presently at odds with the United States and our warrior-president.

How so? Well, in an example of investigative reportage that simply puts the entire Deep State Big Fake News Lamestream Media to shame, ‘sundance’ and the crew over at Conservative Treehouse pull the entire plug off the top of the steaming cauldron of deceit to expose the nefarious and intentional goings-on between so-called allies and economic partners of the United States.

As hashtag ‘Dutchman’ comments on one of the threads: ‘The people in this invasion aren’t Venezuelans, they are mostly useful idiot cannon fodder from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and beyond, being callously used by China, working through proxy-Venezuela, in an attempt to shut down DJT in the midterms and beyond. Every assault on DJT, and America – (if you start off with the assumption that it’s ultimately coming from China) – you’ll save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and effort.[end]

Check out this video opener from VP Mike Pence…

Which to yours truly, makes a lot of sense. Consider how many times China pops up when putting the political jigsaw puzzle together:  1. The soft coup – CHINA;  2. The Mueller ‘investigation’ – CHINA;  3. The Clintons – CHINA (often work through proxies, from the Clintons to multinationals, through to the Clinton Foundation etal, but they are behind resistance – all of it);  4. ‘Globalism’ – China;  5. ‘Climate change – CHINA.

And the ‘sundance’ expose` (as well as all other ‘sundance’ great articles on trade, infiltration, and collusion which I’ve been pointing you towards for quite some time) to which I’m about to segue` into, explains exactly just what the globalist multinationals are doing, and why. Ultimately, all roads lead to China; the source, the enemy within, the mother hive.

What we might term the ‘exfiltration of wealth’, which is only ‘good’ to the elite globalists; not good to freedom-loving American citizens.

On then, to ‘sundance’ and his opener in today’s Conservative Treehouse .. ‘Big Bear, Big Panda, reveal Invasion horde financed by Venezuela’ …

Well, there it is. Quietly within the deliberate words from Vice-President Mike Pence a revelation that explains the origination of the Central American invasion force. For those who are not deep in the geopolitical weeds, the subtlety can pass unnoticed; for those who travel within the deepest international conflicts, Pence’s words [here] are as subtle as a brick through a window.

Announcing the migrant caravan is “financed by Venezuela” is a direct notification the Central American invasion force is being funded by Russia and China. Venezuela doesn’t have any money to sustain its own operational government – let alone a 10,000 person convoy. Venezuela is entirely reliant upon massive investment from Russia and China.

In fact China owns 49% of Venezuela’s state run PDVSA energy production. A collateral system where Beijing takes oil as payment for prior loans the Maduro regime cannot pay back. With the crippling treasury department sanctions President Trump put on Venezuela last year, Trump has punched Maduro and Xi-Jinping hard.

With Mike Pence pointing a finger at Venezuela the politics behind the invasion force begin to make much more sense. The invasion objective takes on a geopolitical angle directly targeting a series of U.S. policies that are against the interests of Russia and China.

It helps here to remember the strategic moves taken by President Trump have put the geopolitical/economic squeeze on both China and Russia:

Read to completion by clicking right here…

When you finally get through to the end, perhaps (like me) you’ll be having a re-think about the whole Russia collusion thingy. Previously most of We the People had the notion that Russia wasn’t involved and was being set up by the cantankerous Hillary Rob’em. However, it doesn’t now go beyond the realm of reason in considering that it’s very possible that Putin, Rob’em and Bubba could have been working together to set up the collusion scenario. In which case, the irony would taste delicious indeed!

Cold wars, both political and physical, are still cold wars, where the chill factor gets worse and worse. Wouldn’t surprise some of us older guys and gals one bit if the chi-coms and the bear are even now reconsidering their finance of this swelling out-of-control Mobosity and just how likely they are to pull the plug. ‘Misunderestimating’ (a wonderful word invented by GWB sometime during his White House tenure) our warrior-president, with his unrivaled grasp of four-dimensional geopolitical gameboards, invariably leads lesser mortals and their politics astray.

They may have already decided such, as the invaders seem to have slowed their progress somewhat (mmm, thank God for a good hurricane when you need it). We will know soon enough that without support they will disband and Mexico will be charged with herding them home. Personally I can’t wait to see this multifaceted cliffhanger come to its fateful end.

Kudos upon kudos to ‘sundance’ and the crew at Conservative Treehouse!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!



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