Bush-Clinton warmongers v Trump

Go ahead, make my..

At the current pace of things, DemoMarxocrats seem willing to prove (to even the most sheltered and uninformed voters) their absolute intent to lie, cheat, steal and whatever else it takes, to unseat We the People’s presidential choice of Donald J. Trump and any and all who support him. Their current scorched earth strategy is showing its true nature.

And how.

Yours truly is of the opinion that sufficient numbers of Americans are expecting to find the entire lead up to 2020 quite unseemly, the shrill effects of DemoMarxocrat chicanery staining their image for a generation or two or three.

Yet in spite of all the nonsense, We the American people appear to be making all the correct choices in support of the president and his efforts with a booming economy, a safe and secure border, better healthcare, great trade deals, ‘made in America’ products, energy self-sufficiency, respect on the world stage, lower unemployment, etc. etc. etc.

It isn’t any wonder anymore that the DemoMarxocrats are hellbent on disarming, disenfranchising and deluding We the People in their frantic grab for power. Seems to me that they’re beginning to realize that they’ve been exposed as the Leftist-globalists they are; so they’re throwing everything – particularly impeachment – at the wall hoping something sticks. Their illegal border jumper voting army has been cut down, if not stopped, along with defecting Black, Hispanic and Asian voters; all reducing their ‘reliable’ voter base.

Expect even more outrageous attempts by the DemoMarxocrats to prevent President Trump’s re-election in November 2020. The wave is coming alright and it will sweep the criminal Marxocrats away and beyond, eventually (and rightfully) into jail for their crimes, misdemeanors, and cover-ups.

But first – this piece from Missy Crane, writing in Wayne Dupree.com and ‘Warmongers GW Bush and Rapist Bill Clinton slam Trump’…

Bush & Mooch .. Sheesh!

George W. Bush didn’t say a word while Obama destroyed this country for 8 long and miserable years. He was quiet as a church mouse as Obama weaponized intel organizations, and the IRS, spied on Americans, turned Libya into a disaster, allowed ISIS to rise to power, and destroyed healthcare, among many countless other things.

However, now that there’s an anti-globalist/America First president in office, George W. Bush, the neocon loser, just can’t shut up.

During an event at “Nir School of The Heart,” Bush stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his good buddy and accused rapist Bill Clinton, and slammed President Trump’s “peaceful” foreign policy, calling it “isolationist” and “dangerous.” He also wasted no time slamming Trump’s immigration policy as well, calling it “anti-immigrant.”

Gotta get in as many jabs as humanly possible, right George? 

What an absolute abysmal failure this man is.

Josh Rogin, a journalist for the Washington Post, reported on the event on his Twitter timeline.

President George W. Bush tonight at the Nir School of the Heart event: “I don’t think the Iranians believe a peaceful Middle East is in their national interest.”[-]

[+] … No. We’re a nation of Americans, George. This isn’t 1920, it’s 2019, you globalist jerk.

GW Bush says his biggest regret is failing to do comprehensive immigration reform with Congress. “We are a nation of immigrants but the language coming out of the system today is rejecting immigration.”

Link provided below…

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton … Swoon!

It’s moments like this when the globalists, who have done everything they can to ruin this country, show their true colors.

We know who George W. Bush is – he’s a man cut from the same cloth as Clinton, Obama, and every other good-for-nothing globalist who has destroyed our country’s middle class to line their own pockets, and eroded our traditional American Christian values.

May the wave to come also sweep away the scum who run the deep state big fake news lamestream media with countless lawsuits for fraud and corruption.

DemoMarxocrats can never seem to wrap their head around the fact that all politicians before Trump (besides Reagan too, perhaps) were on the same team. It was one big global fest, and the party didn’t matter. Even after the picture of the CIA asset Ellen and Bush was posted they just can’t seem to connect the dots; weird.

On that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


See Missy Crane, Wayne Dupree.com and: Warmongers GW Bush and Rapist Bill Clinton

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