Brit ‘gerrymanders’ mar Trump trip

Go ahead, make my..

So the Brit left want to turn Britain into Syria and then are horrified that the United States and its president might find itself having more in common with Israel? When did a moron with a microphone get dispensation from being considered a moron? And on the tail end of that, as one now hears that the ‘most trusted name in news’ is closing its London operation, one no longer has to wonder why. The quality of the unthinking nonsense peddled by CNN as ‘news’ beggars the imagination, both Brit and American version. Just ask president Trump.

The latest international put down of Trump targets his ‘cult of personality’. Personality is INDEED what he has, having been working on it after all, through his many years of success in a myriad of career-channeling disciplines running the gamut of everything out there. After decades of DemoRINO McDoleney candidates with all the distinctive character of an Ikea shelving unit, the world is well, certainly forced to pay attention to Trump. Whether they like it or not.

President, the Queen, first lady Melania, Charles and Camilla … State Banquet, June 3 2019

President Trump is the outsider that not only the United States has been seeking since, say, those brilliant years of Ronald Reagan, but also by nations the likes of the current episode of the Brit United Kingdom parliament, rooted as it is for some God-forsaken reason into the ‘Brexit-exit’ globalist elite cabal in Brussels. No more George Orwellian ‘newspeak’ or ‘doublespeak’ with Trump. Plain, straight forward and to the point. If you don’t like it, too bad.

But I digress somewhat.

The Brit majority who voted ‘exit-from-Brexit’ viewed the obsequious Obama as a fear monger, meddler and someone as dumb as a doorpost, while accepting Trump as an upfront ally more tuned in to their battle against the Brussels globalists. And neither by the way, did the faithful Brits forget about the Churchill Bust either.

While I’m at it fellow-Brits, you do know that you can stop paying the TV tax and put the BBC out of business, don’t you? Boy I’d just love to see that. The BeeB done and dusted. Do it. Please.

Back to the topic at hand, today’s FrontPageMag has a great piece by Bruce Bawer. An American President in London and the media disses the Donald, and liberty and the American and British people…

Because my router was on the fritz during the first couple of days of the President’s state visit to the UK – a prelude to his Normandy visit on Friday marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day – I was forced to watch more TV coverage of the proceedings than would otherwise have been my wont. This meant relying heavily on CNN, the BBC, and Sky News. All of them were pretty much as snotty about Trump as expected, although the BBC did an especially obnoxious job, giving a ridiculous amount of airtime to some historian named Mark Shanahan, who in the guise of providing historical context and insight oozed anti-Trump – and anti-American – venom.

Since I’d never heard of Shanahan, I looked him up. He turned out to be an associate professor at the University of Reading, where one of his areas of specialization is “the celebritisation of American political culture from Eisenhower to Trump.” Shanahan brags on his university’s website about being “a regular media contributor to the BBC, ITN; CNN, Sky, ABC (Australia), France 24, and CTV (Canada).” During the Trump visit, no matter what the subject, he was ready with snark, both on the tube and on his Twitter feed. While Trump was visiting Westminster Abbey, Shanahan sneered that this would “play very well with American evangelicals at home.” Right, those American evangelicals who are into smoky thuribles, priests in red cassocks, and old Anglican anthems sung by boy choirs. Shanahan assured BBC viewers that Americans have an outdated “Mary Poppins” image of Britain, complete with bowler hats and chimney sweeps.

Yeah, you’ve got it, Thucidydes, we’re all a bunch of dolts, who somehow slept through the Beatles, James Bond, Monty Python, the Thatcher era, Elton John, Ab Fab, Tony Blair, and all those horrible Hugh Grant romcoms. Shanahan also opined, with what seemed like at least a touch of antisemitism, that the “special relationship” is now a joke, because Trump cares less about US ties to the UK than to Israel.

Read to conclusion in link at bottom…

In spite of the machine gunning by the lying press it couldn’t defeat Trump. The public know what’s at issue and that means they know lies when they hear them.

Having recently spent almost three years with my scattered native Brit family and viewing everything up close and personal, President Trump represents an existential threat to an entrenched political class which has to maintain certain illusions to keep a hold on the reigns of power and influence.

Remember that the Brit Royal Family is illusionary, existing solely for theatrics, pomp, and circumstance, and completely without any political power whatsoever. The large Brit problem looming on the horizon, is what happens when the Queen and her Consort – both of whom are in their 90s – are no longer around. After all, there is hardly any sensible family continuation looming around to make an ordered transition.

Additionally, the strong ties between the younger scattered royals and the purveyors of Shari’ah Law is writ large, with more than one claim that the flag of destruction will fly over Buckingham Palace at some stage in the not so distant future.

The UK establishment has growing crocodiles to feed and Trump shakes the myth that they are really in control of a situation which increasingly controls them. He will therefore face implacable opposition in some quarters.

To understand the current UK think of a ship’s captain who must maintain order but now has a crew of people who are increasingly foreign and remote to his experience. Mutiny is the deepest fear of the Brit ruling elites, yet understanding this you understand them because most of their actions derive from this fear.

You also know who they may be likely to throw overboard.

As for me and my house … Time for today’s MAGA Pill – and thank God for a warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Bruce Bower, FrontPageMag: An American President in London

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