Brit cousins trump landslide victory

Go ahead, make my..

Boris Johnson in blowout landslide. You heard that one right. An avalanche of a landslide. Yes folks, happy to say (another play on words) ‘Brit cousins trump landslide victory’. Finally!

Having been on one of my extended Brit sojourns during the David Cameron Brexit vote in the summer of 2016, and the 3-year debacle it eventually became, one cannot say enough about how important it is this time around, notwithstanding the flaccid MSM were reporting during polling that it will “take years” of negotiation with the US for a trade deal.

Au contraire – The real question now becomes – Can you be on the next Brit flight?

To the best of my knowledge all Brit family and friends voted for the Tories; good on’em. Bear in mind that the U.K. media (basically no different than the US deep state corrupt lamestreams) has been gaslighting folks for weeks. The laughable BBC (BeeB) is no longer taken seriously, and if it weren’t for outrageous state subsidies would have imploded decades ago. Mind you, they’re excellent on football (ie soccer) coverage.

Very well done indeed, I must say. Finally, the Brit family waking up to what’s happening around them and deciding to do something about it. London in its own way together with other larger cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield etal, has become just another San Fran, overrun with homeless, radical Islamists, refugees all upheld as the new norm for a bright future by their mayor. Sad indeed.

This pic here, the table full of people, is telling. Only two are smiling. Two men that love their countries. Two men that don’t intend to bend or break to political pressure. Two men that have vision, that cast aside correctness and the idea of “it’s always been done this way”. Two men that are wild cards, normal guys, hard working ‘badasses’. Two men that make the metro sexual, U.N. bowing girlie men cringe. Two men that are not afraid of man-eaters like Merkel, Clinton or May.

Boris Johnson’s victory has also given the demoMarxocrats a practical demonstration of what voters think of socialist policies when the time comes to mark the ballot. This is a massive setback for Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Schiff, Nadler, Sanders and the rest of the Moronic Squad.

Caveat Emptor!

Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’: ‘President Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson on Victory’…

Last night President Trump congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his great win in the U.K. [Brexit] election, noting the possibilities for a big trade boost are “massive.”

Not accidentally, the geopolitical economic and trade planets have aligned splendidly. The cornerstone USMCA agreement has bipartisan support and will ratify quickly in congress. A “phase one” trade agreement with China is likely, and prior plans for a strategic trade deal with the U.K. have increased as a result of the U.K. election.

First rule in geopolitics, it’s always about the economics. Second rule in geopolitics: refer to rule #1. Understanding this basic truism is the key to understand how President Trump is able to be so effective. There are trillions at stake, and many interests.

“Economic security is national security.” ~ President Trump

All politics circles back to the underlying economics; whether it is an individual financial self-interest for a specific politician, or whether it is a larger financial interest for a group or even a nation. Everything is always about the money; and that essential truth is why Donald Trump is so uniquely qualified, influential and stunningly effective.

Donald J Trump isn’t a politician at heart, he’s a businessman. From that outlook he appears to be working through a plan for what he views (we agree) is bigger than politics.[-]

[+] … Every policy engagement from the big to the small goes through the prism of economics first and last. Essentially this is the foundation of the Trump doctrine. Brexit, Huawei, Iran, China, North Korea the larger EU etc. all geopolitical issues cross paths with President Trump’s primary focus, U.S. economic wealth, influence and security.

Full enthralling, extended, long read in link below… Genius!

The closer from ‘sundance’: All of the above stated, this is another reason why Nancy Pelosi and the ideological leftists were trying to stall the USMCA. The North American Trade agreement is the trade fulcrum for a massive global economic reset that impacts Asia and Europe.

The corporate multinational profit schemes that exploit China/Asia, and the political ideology behind the socialists/leftists that align with the EU (ie. “share the wealth”), are both weakened by a North American trade alliance, USMCA, that establishes the best return on international investment in North America.

At the center of this realignment is “America First“. A reestablished economic leverage that can reward allies and punish adversaries.  Globalism becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by economic nationalism; an international tide to lift all boats – peacefully.[end]

This will be fun. Great trade deals, prosperity and national security for both nations, entertainment on both sides of the Pond as we watch these two leaders dismantle a whole lot of BS. Churchill smiles down. The rest of us cheer.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank GOD for president Donald J. Trump and MAGA! KAG!


Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’: Trump congrats Johnson on Great Victory

BBC report as it all unfolded and: Boris Johnson hails New Dawn in Historic victory

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