Brexit exit moles augur Trump visit

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When Theresa May declared the Brexit exit as “Brexit means Brexit” after she took over from Cameron, millions took her at her word. Unfortunately since then she has capitulated to the EU Cabal and her leadership has become a complete mess. The fact she consulted Angela Merkel on the Brexit exit first, says it all; not to mention her boldly firing ‘pale, male and stale’ ministers for women and minority ethnic MPs at the start of the year. Just how much more openly racist and sexist can someone be?

A friend of mine opines: “I’m following President Trump every day and know what he’s doing and what he’s up against. Not only is he righting the ship of State of the good old USA but he’s also attacking the power structure that is damaging the entire world. Especially those globalist elite establishment types who would have us poisoned by the farce of global warming, chemtrails, the GMOs and the fluoridated water, or have us brainwashed by the lying Deep State MSM fake news purveyors, the BEEB, HollyWeird etal, and organizations totally corrupted through the immoral FIAT banking system!”

Might be a mite harsh, but I do believe he’s on to something.

As ever, Paul Joseph Watson with his insightful commentary…


The UK has a swamp that’s possibly more fetid than the one in the U.S. which is obviously dead set against any kind of Brexit exit. This is a warning to us. America will definitely go the way of Europe if we don’t stand up and fight this mess right now.

As I have stated many times in this forum (even as recently as this past Wednesday) the UK is already done and they don’t even realize it. The Muslims were invited into the country and these butchers are being unbelievably protected by the British government and apparently, by the police and judicial system. Now how unbelievably crazy is that?

Talk bad about Muslims and they throw you in jail. Muslims preach about killing, raping, and grooming young girls for raping and the government does zilch, nada, zero. The fox is currently already in the hen house, and now it’s only a matter of time before the fox reigns supreme.

Londonistan, capital of Britanistan looms large on yon horizon. Brexit exit be damned.


Then there’s the (more than likely) state-sponsored riots funded by Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros from one of his literally hundreds of funded organizations to bring down the civil liberties of a free society based upon ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’, and mingle everyone into a miserable, dozy, moronic mix of serial idiots in a cabal herded and controlled by the progressive elitist establishment globalists.

We the People have always been aware that the Conservative Party in Britain and Canada together with the Republicans in the US have consistently betrayed their conservative voter base – President Trump has simply exposed it to the masses.

Yet in spite of all that, the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros moronic, robotic, brainless human drones have been recruited worldwide to march, riot, cause mayhem and destruction in any nation that defies the European Union or the dis-United Nations so-called ‘New World Order’ cabal. We the People stewards of ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ are the dreaded enemy.

Wake up people, and throw these spineless slow-walking liberal, progressive leftist Demo-Marxists out of your political parties!

More Paul Joseph Watson…

The weak and ineffective Theresa May and the rest of her feckless parliament are playing Kabuki theater with BREXIT, but we all know it will remain business as usual. The leaders of the European Union (nor for that matter, the dis-United Nations) have no shame, and like our Leftist DemoMarxists here in America, only understand power for power’s sake while despising the commoners they purport to represent.

Let them go forth and import Is!am they way the U.S. imports Mercedes Benz cars. I would only hope that the ignorant, violent jihadis find as their rightful targets those who are full of hubris, arrogance and avarice instead of the innocent people who’ve been imperiled by their disastrous judgment.

As I closed out the other day: Britain faces a dire future indeed, and rather than spending millions of pounds on stupid ‘Trump balloons’, anti-Trump street wars, and worrying about, and excoriating the only person on the planet right now who has everything – I repeat – EVERYTHING – in perspective, they ought to be worrying and planning as to where their rescue may or may not be coming from next!

PS – America has already rescued them from two world wars, so it would behoove Mayor Khan to take all of that into consideration, and quit acting like the Londonistan neighborhood clown that he has become.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!


H/T Frontpage Magazine

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