Brennan shredded by qualify claim

En Garde in the bunker…

John Brennan voting Communist in 1976, plus the rumors swirling around him for years regarding his close ties to Islamic Jihadist Muslim organizations the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, American Muslim Council, and umpteen other alphabet-soup Islamic connections prior to him being accepted by the CIA circa 1980 and beyond (Jimmy Carter president / Stansfield Turner CIA chief) all should have been an obvious red-flag indicator that he was not eligible for a security clearance even at the Public Trust level. More to the point, it is an indication of how poorly trained United States Security / Intelligence people have become.

Don’t forget that during the disastrous Obama years (in case you need reminding, 2009-2017) Brennan was counter-terrorism Czar before he became head of CIA. During his time as ‘Czar’, Brennan responded to Muslim Brotherhood affiliates who were demanding that all counter-terrorism manuals be purged of anything they found objectionable by acceding to their demands to ‘get right on it’, and like the friendly little Islamic Muslim Czar he had become – he did.

Now that he’s had his security clearance yanked by President Trump, which caused the furor emanating from the apoplectic Deep State Big Fake News Media dragons, it simply takes the self-assured ‘Great One’ aka Mark Levin to set the record straight in schooling these despots on what a Constitutional Republic of the United States is all about.

Take an educational look and listen…

Bottom line, as the Great One lists it, is that Brennan is a malignancy that has to be purged from American politics. With loyalties to Islam and Communism, he is inherently hostile to America and everything this country stands for. Put him on a lifetime installment plan for waterboarding.

He deserves worse, but that ought to eventually force him to spill the beans on Obama, Rice, Soros, Comey, Clapper, Rosenstein, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Yates, et al … Meanwhile (as the Great One winds up) when these people HAD security clearances, what the h***l did they do with them?

Vintage Mark Levin ….

Thank God that we have a president willing to jump into the fray from his established business, battle with the DC Swamp Dwellers, and go forth to MAGA!


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