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The Brits were lied to back in the late 60s when the Common Market was formed and the rallying cry at the time from PM Ted Heath and his cohorts became ‘it’s just about trade; trade, trade, trade…‘ Gradually more rights and traditions were taken away until that 60s generation woke up one day and saw that the millennials being born into the E.U., had absolutely no concerns about the loss of, or preserving the history of, or the culture of, Great Britain.

Some of us, as I’ve mentioned previously, hightailed it to places like Canada (in my case), or Australia, New Zealand, and other nations under the British Commonwealth at the time.

Fast-forward to today and one would venture to propose that where we are right now politically, including the USA, could well be Western culture’s last gasp. Thank God for the Trump Effect, emanating itself around the globe, the latest iteration showing itself within the Boris ‘Brexit’ mess involving Britain and the EU.

Over the past weekend, in his piece from Friday’s American Thinker, Mark Hanna wrote:

As of Friday, September 6, an extension of three months to prevent the U.K. leaving the E.U. without a deal passed the Houses of Commons and Lords.  In order for that legislation to become law, there must be consent by the monarch — in this case, Queen Elizabeth II.  Once she assents, the bill becomes law.

While most everyone is considering her assent a formality on Monday, it should not quite yet be considered a fait accompli.  The queen can lawfully refuse assent or delay her approval, which would effectively veto the bill and keep it from becoming law, thereby paving the way to a No Deal Brexit on October 31.

There are two occasions when the monarch can and should, according to most academic experts in the matter, refuse assent.

According to Anne Twomey, professor of constitutional law at the the University of Sydney in her book The Veiled Sceptre, the first occasion is that where a “serious error is discovered in the bill.”  No one is arguing that there is an error in the Remainers’ meticulously crafted bill of extension.

But the second occasion in relation to royal assent, “the predominant academic view … is that the Sovereign … must act upon the advice of responsible ministers.”

Well, folks, the plain fact of the matter is that, indeed, the Queen (God bless her ever-loving soul!) did just what she had to do, and duly gave her assent to the motion, which is truly a watershed moment. The Queen has the last word.

True enough to state, that were she to act contrary to the current PM’s advice, it would be a massive breach of constitutional practice, which would threaten the legitimacy of the crown, especially since she would be acting overtly to frustrate Brexit contrary to the advice of her PM, Boris; whereas on the other hand, she had done nothing overtly to support Brexit.

Parliament always has the ability to remove a PM, through a vote of no confidence – that is, if there are the numbers in Parliament to do so. That’s the Queen’s defense. She follows normal constitutional practice and expects Parliament to do the same. But on this occasion they aren’t, because it’s unlikely anyone else could get majority support in Parliament and thus an election would occur, which the Remainer thugs know would cause them a massive loss at the election.

Boris ‘Brexit’ played to perfection.

As Mark Hanna further concurs:

This is precisely where the PM has likely wanted them all along.  Employing a “rope a dope” strategy, Johnson has effectively forced Parliament to use all the time left, now that the proroguing has occurred and been declared legal by the U.K. courts, to mire itself in passing the Article 50 extension law.  Like the boxer Muhammad Ali, who made rope-a-dope famous, BoJo leaned back into parliament’s ropes and took hit after hit, causing the opponents to not only wear themselves out, but provide time for him to get ready for his final counter-punch.

Finally, the current House of Commons has tacitly given its vote of confidence to Boris Johnson as prime minister by not agreeing to an election and not tabling a motion of no confidence.  The Commons chose instead to focus on creating legislation that is opposed by the government, thereby giving Johnson an effective argument that the government was defied, not rejected.

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Will Europe turn the screws? Will they make Britain suffer? The UK citizen has toughed it out before. The only question is, is it the same Britain?

My sense intuitively, is a resounding ‘yes’. Yet more evidence of the Trump Effect!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Trump-Effect Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Mark Hanna, American Thinker: Did Boris Johnson just Rope-a-Dope his way into a Hard Brexit?

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