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“And now for something completely different” … The platitudinous heading for one of the fast-moving scenes of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, the eponymous TV comedy show in truth serum of the 1970s! … (for a good 2-minute laugh, see link to opener down below).

Not to send you away from the content coming up, but simply a light comic relief from one of the most aggressive ‘Never-Trumpers’ on the planet. And that would be one, Bill Kristol, characteristic of a forlorn figure who is somewhat overwrought with the very idea that there even is a President Trump. It became very obvious early on that Kristol hates now-President Trump with a passion that rivals that of John McCain.

Hard to imagine, but one must wonder whether ‘Mr. Weekly Standard’ would be happier with a very sick (politically as well as physically) Hillary Rob’em in the White House. For a supposed conservative, Kristol became totally unhinged from reality many moons ago.

President Trump is proving to everyone that every day, in every way, he is far and away a better President than the last five Presidents put together. And he’s proven that, in the short span of barely 18 months in office. Oh the jealousy of the far, far, Leftist DemoMarxists, and the right, right winger RINOs!

The President is proving himself even more decisive and proactive than the great Ronald Wilson Reagan was. Although he’s never been a true conservative at heart, it is downright delightful to witness how a non-politician deals with the swamp creatures. Seemingly he is always two steps ahead of both the DemoMarxists and the Establishment RINOs. Very, very, refreshing.

But back to little Billy Kristol. As Thomas Lifson puts it in his American Thinker blog:

I write with sadness about Bill Kristol, a man I used to admire. I fear he is an example of what Alice Herz Sommer, a Holocaust survivor who lived to the age of 110, meant when she said, “Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated.”

It’s fine for Kristol, who once was VP Dick Cheney’s chief of staff and who was the founding editor of the Weekly Standard, to disagree with and criticize President Trump. After all, Trump is repudiating many of the foreign policies for which Kristol has advocated. But yesterday, Kristol committed what I imagine would be a firing offense for a junior scribe at a publication that he edited.  Streiff at Red State calls this tweet of Kristol’s yesterday “dishonest and duplicitous,” and much though I wish it were not so, I have to agree:

Extremely unfortunate that Billy Kristol was apparently too lazy to do any follow-up of his own, but here’s what he missed…

President Trump and Kim Yong-chol meeting at the White House with Aides … Friday June 1, 2018

Bottom line is that context is everything in this. Kristol and other RINO-conservatives have criticized meetings with these sorts of regimes in the past because such meetings have usually been conducted by Presidents desperate to get some sort of “deal” to excuse not taking the tough actions necessary to enforce prior obligations, punish provocations, or stop the regime’s dangerous activities.

President Trump on the other hand has been taking the tough actions of severe sanctions, third party pressure, military threats, and even publicly mocking “Little Rocket Man.” And now (surprise, surprise) it’s the Norks who are coming to the table desperate for a deal.

Bill Kristol along with his tedious elites, George Will, Mona Charen, Krauthammer, Goldberg and the rest of them over at National Review etal are the epitome of everything wrong in the USA and the entire political world. Every position, policy and goal they have espoused for decades is being shown to be absolute Establishmentarian nonsense by the rapid Trumpian achievement and success. Any wonder why Kristol is foaming at the mouth as a rabid RINO?

Triumphant Trump yet again going forth with his Divine Mandate to Make America Great Again while driving the Elite Establishment Political Class absolutely crazy.

Semper Fi Mr. President – Semper Fi!


H/T Thomas Lifson and his American Thinker

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