Bidin’ time under COVID face mask

Go ahead, make my…

Bidin’ time under COVID face mask … “Inalienable rights” is a concept the leftist demoMarxocrats totally reject. It isn’t that they “know so much that just ain’t so” as Reagan said, but that they impose their beliefs without any restraint right up to mass jailings (and execution) if they have the power.

In March 2020 we were told this was the “Black Death”, and were warned millions would die and society would be disrupted on an unprecedented scale. To drive the point home the TV news showed us footage from China of people falling dead in the streets. Remember that?

It turned out not to be true. Fast forward to March / April 2021, and nearly everyone has either had ‘The Rona’ themselves and survived, or knows many people who did. It’s just not that big of a deal any more. It isn’t a GOOD thing, but it’s really no worse than a strong flu (in terms of deaths). So we shut down the world, for THIS?

Bidin’ time under COVID face mask …Leftists the true destroyers…

There are two kinds of demoMarxocrats – 1) Those who learn less and less about more and more and will end up knowing nothing about everything. And 2) Those who learn more and more about less and less and will end up knowing everything about nothing. TA-DA!

Against “individualism”, the demoMarxocrat Party deception is for the state and it is for the individual only in so far as he / she coincides / cooperates with the state. The Party accepts the state as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be accepted within their relation to the state, which is all embracing. Outside of it no human nor spiritual values can exist, much less HAVE value.

The foregoing exception from Benito Mussolini back in the day – and it is a very, very, very, slight one – was that Benito Mussolini used the word “fascist” instead of “demoMarxocrat Party”.

To the current iteration of these fascists, the idea that people really are free is shocking – ie., we have to earn our freedom – which means, in reality, if you have to be given something, then you aren’t really free and are thereby the property of the state. Then what you have is not a right, but a privilege that the state can revoke at any moment with or without reason. COVID or not. Bidin’ time…

Ayad Rahim, American Thinker: ‘Joe Biden’s COVID Face Mask Trick Play’…

Bidin’ time under COVID face mask … Lies & fairy tales; here we go again…

They lost their plantation in the War between the States and have been trying to get it back ever since. Once a dictator gets the taste of control they will always strive for that control. They just want a larger plantation this time with you and me in it.

It actually goes further back than that, when the ‘Nobles of Europe’ never recognized American Independence. Period. In 1822 they all joined ”The Secret Treaty Of Verona” in which the high contracting parties vowed and pledged to each other to work together to undermine and destroy ”their breakaway colony”, America.

The Verona Treaty was read into the Congressional record in 1916 by Senator (or Rep.) Owen.

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