Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly

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Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly … For the record, two D.C. policemen were “suicided” after the Jan 6 manufactured “riot” or “insurrection.” Sources confirm that Officer Jeffrey Smith may have been the most joyful cop in existence. What did he know that the planners of this “insurrection” couldn’t afford to let him reveal? How many more fake “suicides” will we ignore before justice minded individuals at some level of power will begin to act? Just how many more “Seth Rich’s” are out there wringing their hands in fear and trembling of what they witness day after day?

One of the problems is thinking of the demoMarxocrats as moving to some sort of Leftism such as Communism but we don’t think of them as morphing into an entirely new and very American strain of the Left. OBO#44 came the closest to making it an ideology rather than just a method for power. “Being There” idiot Joe on the other hand, knows only how to use the power end of the big stick, and even at that, only when someone gives him the nod.

Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

How are the Republicans ever going to learn? Would an approved opposition party ever learn in the Eastern Bloc? It took movements like Solidarity to win. Trump was able to beat off both parties to get some things done but real change can only come from a party dedicated to defeating the other side through general strikes, tax revolts, meeting institutions like academia head on, etc., etc. Actions after all, speak very much louder than words.

Those with long memories will well remember the OBO#44 Administration (yup, the same guy and his mob who’s still hanging around) weaponized not just the national security state but the entire federal bureaucracy to oppress their political rivals. From using ATF to create a spike in gun violence in order to justify weapons crackdowns, to winding up the IRS to cut down non-profits that didn’t espouse the correct ideology, it was a form of bureaucratic corporatism not seen in this country since the Wilson days.

And it was wildly successful, as those of us who were ultimately targeted soon found out; albeit that Lois Lerner is apparently still living wildly off the hog.

Why? Because the forever-corrupt left knows how to keep its eye on the ideological ball. Meanwhile, the current Republican leadership – particularly in the Senate – is feckless beyond belief. They had every right and authority to conduct Church-like hearings on the many OBO#44 / BiteMeJoe / Pelousi / Schiff / Schumer abuses and hold accountable those responsible.

On the other hand, if all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, it would appear that the Senate GOP are very, very good men indeed. (sic)

Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

Lloyd Billingsley, American Greatness: ‘Afterbirth of a Nation’…

In “Clarity in Trump’s Wake,” Angelo Codevilla explains, “oligarchy had long been growing within America’s republican forms” and by the first decade of the 21st century, “little but formality was left of the American republic.” After the 2020 election, he argues, the United States is clearly a “classic oligarchy.” Every honest person knows the 2020 election was rigged, adds Roger Kimball, so “welcome to the American oligarchy.”

This arrangement is part of the fundamental transformation of America by the “composite character” president David Garrow charted in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. The nation was already a top-heavy welfare state, so the transformation came in a more fundamental way. The outgoing president selected his successor and deployed the FBI, Justice Department, and other state forces to support Hillary Clinton and attack Donald Trump.

“Trump isn’t going to be elected is he?” wondered FBI lawyer Lisa Page. “No, we’ll stop it,” countered Peter Strzok, the FBI’s counterintelligence boss. But then, as Kimball observes, Donald Trump “was elected without the permission and over the incredulous objections of the woke oligarchy that governs us.”

In this arrangement, the party that cheats is in charge of investigating the cheating. The media call charges of cheating a conspiracy theory and politicians demand the expulsion of those who question the cheating. Likewise, in the American oligarchy, the people have a voice, endlessly bullied by the government, which limits the people’s choice to a roster of approved candidates. As Codevilla puts it, the same people are still in charge. [-]

[+] … Nobody in the establishment media asked Biden, “has Xi Jinping ever done anything with which you disagreed?” The “bad folks” are those who disagree with him, and Biden has a problem with some of the rights they enjoy under the Constitution.

In March, Biden promised that Beto O’Rourke is “going to take care of the gun problem with me.” Days later a Michigan autoworker challenged Biden on the Second Amendment, and the former vice president responded, “You’re full of shit.” Behold the real Joe Biden.

The pasty-faced poltroon, with Secret Service agents in tow, talks shit to a real American worker, something Biden has never been.  The real Joe Biden voted to tax Social Security, and now he wants to raise the workers’ taxes. It’s hard to imagine how a man of the people would do something like that. [end]

Full link below with others…

Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

Anyone counting on the Republican Party (and the 90% of the Republicans in elective office) to save the Republic has not been paying attention. During the abusive tyranny of the OBO#44 Rspect regime we were told to “elect more Republicans”. We did.

What we got was selected “leadership” consisting of Cryin’ Johnny Boehner, the Wisconsin Weasel, the Kentucky Turtle, Miss Lindsey Graham, Willard Pierre Romney, and that dead guy who threw himself a nine day funeral. ((YAWN))

Enter the fray one Donald John Trump and nothing’s been the same since.

The good news? We showed that while the liberal elites can buy political parties, our votes are no longer for sale when we elected Trump twice. The reason liberals had to cheat was to return to the status quo ante of totalitarian demoMarxocracy in which voters have no choice but to vote for one of two liberal scoundrels.

It’s always worth remembering that we Americans only have two things on our side: rational moral truth, and each other. If we use these things to good effect, nothing can stop us; if we don’t use these things, it’s all over with. We simply must learn to work together.

Bidin’ time and makin’ haste slowly…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump STILL doing his darnedest to MAGA! KAG!


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