Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over

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Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over … Barry Soetoro was the first PR President with no more reality to his life story than to his PR name and his membership in ‘Man’s Country’, Chicago, (since closed following New Year’s Eve, December 2017). There have been other Presidents who got there through media hype, but they all had done something in their lives that could be at least written about positively.

Not ‘Bathhouse Barry’. His entire time on the scene has been nothing but hype, corruption, and coverup, put there in ignorance with an unprecedented grab for power by the Chicago political mob. He became President because the New England mob led by Ted Kennedy, backed the Chicago mob, over the Clinton-led mob. Welcome to ‘mobsterville’.

To get the Clintons off his back, he parleyed Gropey JoeBiteMe into his ‘Biden Barry’ maladministration and the rest as they say, is history. He became a legend in his own mind with a legacy to this day of racial division, bad economy, shipping jobs to China, giving billions to our enemies and leaving a shadow government to attack Trump 24/7.

Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over…

He and JoeBiteMe’s 8 years tenure in the White House have already gone down in history as a damaging failed attempt to “fundamentally change America” into a 3rd world socialist hellhole. From the get-go, the Biden Barry Soetoro-BiteMe purpose was to completely assimilate the American way of life into the globalist dream of a no borders, no American history; and no way to climb out and then to climb back into, the America so revered by real Americans!

He (they) almost pulled it off, but it still ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings’ following this pending election 4 years later.

In the post-Barry Soetoro political world, it’s the polar opposite of a government that ‘takes care of’ people who presumably can’t take care of themselves; promises to solve all the problems to becoming great by doing so ourselves – and aiding each other in all honest charity.

It’s the polar opposite of someone who opposed desegregation because he feared a “racial jungle”. It’s the polar opposite of someone who, speaking of a gas station attendant, automatically pictures an Indian immigrant, and, speaking of a shelf stocker, automatically pictures a black woman.

In other words, it’s the polar opposite of Biden’s 90’s crime law, and his health insurance/care proposals.

Bruce Heiden, American Thinker: ‘Thoroughly Immoral Joe Biden’…

A chorus of voices, some of them belonging to sympathizers, has arisen to warn President Trump that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are a losing issue for him in the waning days of the presidential election campaign.  Instead, we hear, he should emphasize the economic promise of a second Trump term.

Yesterday, I heard a distinctly unsympathetic commentator, Marie Harf, state that voters don’t care about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  She’s wrong, and she knows it.  Her party’s “Resistance” has persecuted President Trump for years with a series of made-up scandals — Russian collusion, Ukrainian interference, corruption, indiscretion — that are structurally almost indistinguishable from the Joe-and-Hunter scandal, except that the Biden scandal isn’t made up.  Democrats did this, not because they think the public is interested in the president’s phone calls or associates, but because they believe that the public is interested in his character, and they are determined to blacken it with every weapon or pseudo-weapon that falls within reach.

The Biden campaign is of a piece with this aspect of the “Resistance.”  Its main issue is simply that Donald Trump corrupts the “soul” of America and that Joe Biden is a decent guy who is equipped to repair said national “soul.”  This unremitting personal attack–cum–moral posturing has virtually taken the place of any campaign on the substantive issues.  And one doesn’t need to believe the polls to acknowledge that, especially for a man so cognitively challenged, Joe Biden isn’t doing too badly.  Voters like to indulge in moral posturing, and Democrats have spent generations convincing them that somehow a more prosperous economy isn’t really very moral.  If it didn’t work, they’d never get elected.  But they do.

Completion in link below, and two others…

Biden Barry Soetoro endgame over…

Joe Biden  has absolutely no idea about the Idea of America. He spent 47 years as a participant in this idea, becoming a millionaire and is now trying to become president of this idea? What an ingrate. The vacuousness of this man’s mind rivals the emptiness between the galaxies.

The most dangerous lies have a kernel of truth. America is what we get when we try to live up to an ideal, and even in falling short, there’s still the availability for anyone to advance far further than we could have ever managed without it.

That ideal is enlightened self-governance, a nation with no “unwashed masses”, not because we are all rich, but because none of us are treated like cattle. It’s a place where we understand our human inheritance to be proud enough to straighten the poorest beggar’s back and humble enough to bow the head of the greatest king.

The Biden Barry Soetoro legacy has been shot to hell by President Trump. Barry was always a media creation—style over substance. Other than his skin color he offered nothing to the country. He was probably the laziest man to ever occupy the WH. As far as Joe Biden is concerned, he’s simply a ventriloquist dummy at this stage of his life spewing out what other people create for him to say; at least when he’s cogent, that is.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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