Go ahead, make my..

Baltimore Detroit DC democRATS … or as I described it March 4, 2016 during an extended sojourn in my native England, ‘Motorcity Detroit Destruction Pains’.

Either way, what President Trump has stirred up yet again within the rank and file of the current unAmerican DemocRAT Marxist cabal, was laid bare pure and simply within the truth of the matter three years ago. No ‘ifs, ands, or buts’.

Matter of fact, although Detroit was listed first and foremost, Baltimore and DC were also found wanting in their decades and decades-long corruption and malfeasance.

And starkly.

Despite all the fake ‘chagrin’ and wringing of hands at the president’s truthful comment (coupled with faux outrage, no less) emanating from the exposed and growing rat handler leaders inhabiting the rapidly-spreading infected halls of government, fact is that it’s all truth. Every single bit of it.

President and Elijah Cummings at odds…

The people of Baltimore particularly, are getting what they voted for and they’re getting it good and hard, and don’t deserve a shred of sympathy. One party states and cities didn’t get that way because of the success of their policies.

They got that way because they play dirty.

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office at the start of 1967 and was replaced by Thomas D’Alesandro III, the brother of Nancy Pelosi and son of former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who served from 1947 to 1959.

Talk about political hegemony!

Here’s how I stated it at the time (the full link, as always, is available down at the bottom):

As a result of LBJs “Great Society” program of 1964-65, the Democrat Party willfully destroyed black families by separating black children from a stable home, pulling them away from church, and inculcating them with envy and hate, generation after generation. Since then, blacks have been systematically dehumanized by white leftists whose understanding of human beings is limited to skillfully manipulating negative emotions.

White liberals are the ones who started this cascade of degeneracy, but blacks allowed it to happen and many were complicit in dehumanizing entire populations of their own race. As a for-instance, just take a look at the cities on this list which comes up towards the end of the latest Afterburner report from Bill Whittle:

WASHINGTON D.C.           46
BALTIMORE                       52
DETROIT                            58
ST. LOUIS                          68
NEWARK                            84
CHICAGO                           88
MILWAUKEE                      109
ATLANTA                           140

Yes, they have been taken advantage of. As our fearless president would express it – BIGLY!

One wonders are they so dumbed down that they continue voting for the con-artist politicians who make promises and then pocket the money for themselves – billions and billions of dollars given to Baltimore and nothing having been done with it.

POOF!! – and still a slum, rat-infested filthy city.

Baltimore ruins everywhere…

Our fearless President Trump is to be lauded and congratulated for revealing this mess and exposing the scam that has been allowed to continue over the years under the DemocRATS rule. Corrupt politicians lining their pockets with the money that was earmarked to help restore the community to a livable, thriving urban area.

Under the facade of working to improve lives, the corrupt Cummings and politico-horts brazenly used the money earmarked for Baltimore improvements for themselves. #44 it seems to me, is not blameless in all this corruption either. He after all, is the one who earmarked the last 2-billion dollars+ !

Confiscated it. POOF !

Now the truth needs to emerge about Cummings and his cohorts. What is he / they hiding? Where’s the money? Obviously he’s likely not the only con artist living under the facade of an iconic civil rights activist turned politician, scamming the people of his district. Mmmm .. a few others immediately come to mind.

Get the major investigation team out. They take our taxpayer money? We the People deserve answers. Those who have lined their pockets need to be brought to justice – pure and simple. With little to no sympathy.

Thanks to warrior-President Trump for yet again exposing a fraud of frauds. The unfortunate thing is that there are so many of them extant within the Republic.

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill. President ‘We the People’ – MAGA!


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