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Antifa alert! Today’s demoMarxocrat KKK awoke from a slumbering sleep, and how! President Trump’s declaring Antifa a terrorist organization puts the proverbial bulls-eye on their backs, making them fair game wherever they show. That the demoMarxocrats fully support Antifa makes for very interesting times; so let’s make them own it. Several people on Biden’s staff, for instance (including himself) donate money to Antifa.

Hard to believe in this day and age of American greatness; but it is what it is. So-called wannabe government ‘servants’, supporting domestic terrorism. Outrageous is hardly the right descriptive.

This isn’t hyperbole anymore, but if American Society is to survive and prosper, the entire demoMarxocrat Party must be destroyed and its leaders along with it. How many, for instance, are severally on the payroll of Antifa-reserve Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros? When do We the (63 million) People get to read the Soros indictment?

In light of recent events all these questions deserve answers; true answers.

Then, putting aside Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros for a moment, there’s Marco Rubio raising cane in his recent ‘elevation’ to Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the application of which was nothing more than covering the suspicious tracks of Richard Burr’s ‘outing’. And quite so.

Additionally, is it just me, or have others noticed lately that Russia and China have become downgraded to just a distraction. But it’s important not to take your eye off the pea.

The real enemy lies far closer to home; it lies within, and it’s the collaboration between the demoMarxocrat Party, their propaganda arm (the MSM), the deep state, and the well-connected globalist elites, financing and pushing for a NWO; that’s why everything continues to emanate from the aforementioned Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his ruthless henchmen. 

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Senate Intel Chairman Marco Rubio’…

[with] statements like this it is difficult to believe that Senator Marco Rubio could possibly be chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Difficult, that is, until you recognize the chair of the SSCI is a political appointment intended to shape public perception regardless of reality. Thus Rubio was the ideal candidate to fill the shoes of Richard Burr.

Nothing substantively within this statement is accurate. The violence, looting, robberies, physical attacks, murders, beatings and arson all stem from conduct of activists groups on the far-left within Antifa and radical elements of Black Lives Matter. However, Rubio cannot admit the truth because it is adverse to his political interests.

Senator Rubio, denies the obvious, obfuscates known and demonstrable facts and reality, and pushes a false and fictitious narrative that aligns with national media. Rubio joins with national democrats to blame China, Russia, Venezuela and some mysterious group of domestic white nationalists that no-one has seen.

Perhaps Senator Rubio would like to explain which intelligence briefing he has seen that identifies “far right” activists within his expressed narrative. Pure nonsense.

The most dangerous force in any battle is not the enemy you face, but rather the ally beside you who refuses to admit the enemy exists. The denying ally has the ability reduce your force strength before the battle begins. That is exactly Rubio’s motive in 2020.

Full link with video below…


Then there’s this from Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Trump declares ANTIFA terrorist org’…

On Sunday, President Trump took aim at Antifa, which apparently has driven the violent side of the protests ripping through America’s Democrat-run cities. With full-throated support from Attorney General Barr, Trump is designating Antifa as a terrorist organization. This is an extremely important announcement because Antifa is more than just a terrorist group. It is, in fact, the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party.

John Solomon provides some context:

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that the rioting in most cities was being instigated by outsiders aligned with Antifa.

“The reports we’re receiving is that this is Antifa. They’re crossing state lines,” O’Brien said. “And we’ve seen this happen before. We saw it in Portland. We saw it in Seattle. We saw it in Berkeley. So, look, we’ll keep our eyes open for anyone else that wants to take advantage of the situation, whether it’s domestic or foreign.

Some of the group’s tactics include throwing  bricks, crowbars, metal chains, water bottles, and balloons filled with urine and feces, according to the Anti- Defamation League.

Full link with video below…

Antifa the outlawed Democrat KKK…

The obviously leftwing anarchist whites involved are mostly NOT from within the urban areas but obviously transported there to incite the violence and cause as much chaos and damage as possible. We see blacks everywhere in the videos so it’s difficult to discern which ones were simply caught up in the violence because they were originally protesting peaceably, versus willingly participating in the mayhem from the outset.

As far as the Rubio offset goes, we always expect RINOS to be RINOS, in the same way that we expect Communists to be Communists. Things which are true about Leftists must always be counterbalanced by their opposite: lies blaming the Left’s opponents for what they themselves are doing.

Pure Marxist-Leninism: RUBIO is a RINO, the willing idiots thinking they are playing the game smartly. The line of the hour was that White Nationalists were doing the rioting. Li’l Marco said so. It’s like Burr never even left.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Forever-vigilant warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Anger Games Night 5 – Sunday Night Riots

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: Trump declares ANTIFA terrorist org: Democrats Worried

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