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Andrew Breitbart was an extraordinary intellect and so far ahead of so many Americans that he truly could be said to have been way ahead of his time. Fact is he certainly helped shape our time more than he might ever have guessed, and yours truly for one, am only sorry he’s not here to see the numbers his energy truly awakened. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

Breitbart was a one of a kind true anti-establishment inspiration to those of us, however large or small, daily pounding the keyboards to unearth and illuminate truth versus fiction, however deep it might go to identify those who need to be revealed.

Like the old cliché it’s one of those memories where you remember where you were and what you were doing the moment you found out; in this case, of Breitbart’s passing. He was after all, a true hero with such an impact on culture and politics, like the beginning of fighting back in the culture war. There was no greater warrior than Breitbart in inspiring a movement.

Perhaps there will always remain a ‘conspiracy theory’ lingering around his death, which occurred just a few weeks after his CPAC speech in which he talked about his recent dinner with Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn and the video evidence he had on #44. Then he just dies while out walking his dog. Most of us will always believe it was not a coincidence, especially so as the coroner who did Andrew’s autopsy also died under questionable circumstances.

Andrew Breitbart spoke truth to power and it may have cost him his life. After what we’ve seen since the 2016 coup, the better question was, what wouldn’t the swamp be willing to do?

Andrew was far too effective. He was beginning to break the MSM’s monopoly on information with his ‘Big’ websites. Whenever he was included on a panel he sucked the oxygen out of the room. The last and only time anybody watched Real Time with Bill Maher, Breitbart was on and shattered that smug jerk’s veil of being a Libertarian.

Andrew Breitbart was a fierce man who took the fight right into the enemy’s territory and was winning, a very present danger to the swamp. The good news is, following in Breitbart’s footsteps, young people like Charlie Kirk, who appeared on Life, Liberty & Levin last night. 26 years old, yet such a wise old soul. Very impressive and just one of the new leaders emerging, especially Turning Point USA chapters on campuses across the nation.

RIP Andrew Breitbart. Evil is evil and Andrew gave his life fighting it. We were blessed to have this man on our side as long as we did.


“Come forward, then, and give us the aid of your talents and the weight of your character towards the new establishment of republicanism.” ~Thomas Jefferson to Robert Livingston, 1800.

“Very many and very meritorious were the worthy patriots who assisted in bringing back our government to its republican tack. To preserve it in that will require unremitting vigilance.” ~Thomas Jefferson to William T. Barry, 1822.


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