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Lesson one: America first. Back in July of 2001 just two months before 9/11, I took my two younger sons (11 and 10 at the time) on their first trip to my native Britain to show them around a bit and meet their extended family. One day I took them over to tour Old Trafford, the iconic soccer stadium of Manchester United and taking what had become in my own younger days, the short-cut through the neighborhoods to beat the traffic, I inadvertently stumbled upon what has since, over the years, become labeled as a ‘no-go zone’.

Lesson two. America first. Without going into too much detail (there was albeit, some comic relief as the boys witnessed what downtown Baghdad must have looked like at the time) I had never seen anything quite like it before. Cut to the chase, and fast-forward to my 3-year sojourn in England this past 2016-18. Going on 20 years and this time there was no confusion.

President Trump – always putting America first – MAGA!

Lesson three. America first. Manchester might as well be ‘Maghdad’ (and could be for all I know!) The problem is not so much political (although it does have its place) as it is generational. Didn’t take me long running through Walmart-similar grocery chains like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, even Boots the chemists, etc., to witness generally one man, 3-4 women, and a horde of kids. ‘Do the math Dennis, I said to myself’, and it’s stunning.

Generational takeover. Invasion more like it.

Which leads me to today’s topic, Lesson four. America first – We are witnessing the mainstreaming of a racialist and racist political party which condones all manner of racism under the guise of ‘inclusion’. Clearly the two are polar opposites. ‘Inclusion’ for goodness’ sake, is not racialist nor does it embrace racist beliefs.

DemoRINOMarxist dysfunction. Period.

Thomas Lifson in today’s American Thinker and ‘The Omar Affair is a Turning Point’…

The world’s oldest hate finally, officially has found purchase in America with the support of the world’s oldest political party, the Democratic Party of the United States. Yesterday’s shameful House resolution was not so much a turning point for American Jewry as a view of the turning point in the rear view mirror.

Faced with clear examples of Ilhan Omar’s Jew-hatred (“anti-Semitism” is a wishy-washy 19th-century British euphemism that implies that the same people equally hate Jews and Palestinians because they are both Semitic; claiming “dual loyalties” is not about legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies), House Democrats chose to condemn not her, but “white supremacists” and “Islamophobia.”

Fully cognizant of the successful jiu-jitsu making the victim the aggressor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately started fundraising using AIPAC (The America Israel Public Affairs Committee) as a bogeyman.


And from Monica Showalter, ‘Omar Emboldened’…

If Democrats thought that ‘censoring’ Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic statements was the way to get her to stop, they’ve got another think coming.

Actually, their repulsively watered down resolution, explicitly triggered by her claims that Jews hypnotize the world, Jewish money (“all about the Benjamins, baby”) controls U.S. politics, and U.S. Jews have dual-loyalties to Israel, has only emboldened her to step up new lines of attack, this time in slamming the sincerity of people who really are concerned about anti-Semitism, calling it “faux.”

This, fresh from that watered-down resolution passed on Congress is Omar in action, her actual response to the whole thing, stepping up attacks on people who criticize her anti-Semitism as a justification for herself. In Omar’s fevered mind, those people are the “real” hypocrites, and she’s the victim. What they say couldn’t possibly be what they feel. In fact, their outrage is actually fake.

Omar has gone from attacking Jews directly to attacking non-Jews who defend Jews.

Read both to completion in links down below…

A six week Dallas campaign of shut up and get used to it … En garde patriots, be very en garde..

The Muslims have declared (for those of us who are aware) that their goal in flooding the Constitutional Republic was to institute an invasion along the lines of the one described above in Britain and other multiple nations around the globe.

‘Culture-signaling’ I believe they call it.

They’ve been working on their invasion since being bused in by our own government bureaucratic big deep state sewer swamp and have certainly come a long way.

Dearborn, and Hamtramck, Michigan / Minneapolis, Minnesota / Washington, DC / Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Philadelphia, PA. / New York City, NY / Atlanta, GA / Chicago and Peoria, Illinois / San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA / Houston and Dallas, TX … And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Without inhibition whatsoever from anyone (actually being supported and lauded from the enemy within – say no more) they have made progress day after day. Getting into our government was a major achievement, so they can now really do some serious damage.

Where the nation will be in 10 years time is frightening; 20 years downright scary. As described in my ‘Manchester’ experience above, the math alone on the numbers of newbies over 10-20 years from multiple wives per family is alarming.

Memories of Enoch Powell and his ‘Rivers of Blood’ Speech from April 1968 come immediately to mind (see link down below). How prophetic he was.

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God we have our own ‘prophetic president’ by the name of Donald J Trump – doing his darnedest against all odds to – MAGA! America first.


See Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Omar Emboldened

And Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: The Omar Affair is a Turning Point

Plus Enoch Powell, Parliamentarian and his Rivers of Blood speech from April 20th 1968

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