A Schiff of Fools by any other name

Go ahead, make my..

A Schiff of fools by any other name points directly towards Pelosi’s demoMarxocrats who surely must have a lot of corrupt deals going on in the Ukraine. One has to suppose that they wouldn’t be running a fake impeachment just to cover for the Biden family. Kerry has ties, for instance and Pelosi’s son has been involved in some of these deals. Would be surprised if ‘what’s his name #44’ wasn’t getting a cut.

Who knows who else had their hands in the foreign aid cookie jar. DemoMarxocrats investigating a political rival because you can’t investigate political rivals??? Uh huh, right …

It’s not like Pelosi-the-Pen-Cryptkeeper could have picked someone with integrity to do the job. Those don’t exist in her disgraced party. She might as well have picked the most disgusting degenerates they have. Oh wait!

Just for the record, this from ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse: ‘A series of 11 rules amendments were offered by Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  Each proposal was defeated individually during 13 hours of arguments and debate. The final rules package, which passed 53-47 at 01:45am this morning, is almost identical to the original draft presented by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The only change was spreading the 24hrs over three days instead of two’.

And I’ll express it again, for conscience’ sake – Somebody somewhere surely has some pics of a Schiff of Fools hanging out with Ed Buck and having a rare old time. Maybe he’s a little nervous these days about those pics getting distributed to a wider audience. Buck up then, Ed!

A Schiff of Fools by any other name…

Yes, indeed. It appears the Schiff-of-Fools-Nadler strategy is to shame the Senate into voting their way. Day One they come into the Senate making process demands beyond their purview, and declare the Senate corrupt and complicit in a scheme to destroy the U.S. The stupidity is breathtaking. But then, they don’t have much else to go on.

Cramming ‘new evidence’ and narratives into their arguments for amendments (as if that accomplishes anything) does nothing more than offering the despicable demoMarxocrats’ media propagandists some grist for their mills. Nothing more, nothing less. Other than the daily political orgasms Joe Scarboro and his hussy and the rest of the malcontents let loose with. Oh the agony!

The entire bunch of crooks and thieves are behaving like drunken hooligans in a four star restaurant because they already know they’ve failed. And bigly. All that’s left is the crying.

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: ‘Adam Schiff made a fool of himself’…

“Zeal should not outrun discretion” (Aesop)

It is doubtful that very many people watched hours and hours of the impeachment proceedings in the Senate Tuesday. A little bit went a long way. But this much was abundantly clear: Adam Schiff is maniacally obsessed with removing President Trump from office. We have known for years that he is a pathological liar; he lies even when he surely knows his lies will be exposed in due time.

Rep. Schiff promised for at least two years that he had absolute proof that Trump had colluded with Russia. He did not. The Mueller Report put that claim to rest. [-]

[+] … Schiff appears to have some serious mental problems. Watching him, even in small doses, throughout the first day of the “trial” in yet another of the Democrats’ sure-to-fail attempts to see President Trump removed from office, one cannot help but realize we are watching a disturbed man melt down before our eyes. He is shockingly arrogant, thoroughly disdainful of the President, Republicans and the American people.[-]

[+] … Adam Schiff has made himself the face of impeachment and he is obviously very proud of his role in this Democrat disaster. He just seems not to know how big a disaster it is, for him and his party. Sure, the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC think Schiff is some kind of hero.[-]

[+] … By midnight, Schiff seemed close to actually melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz; close to tears like his final act at the oh-so-illegitimate “inquiry.” Schiff is the biggest mistake Pelosi ever made, for he has made fools of her and all those who are too cowardly to rein him in.[-]

[+] … “An outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth” (Aesop again). Schiff is all show, an empty vessel. He will be his party’s undoing. Adam Schiff’s unrestrained zeal to overturn the 2016 election and affect the 2020 vote betrays his wholesale lack of discretion. And Trump, despite all the democrats’ efforts to unseat him, will be re-elected in landslide in 2020.

Complete link below…

As Kylee Zempel puts it in the Federalist:

Not looking great for Schiff, the lead impeachment manager.

This partisan impeachment charade hackery has dragged on far too long, since about Jan. 20, 2017. Only willfully ignorant zealots can’t see that the alleged sins of Donald Trump fall far short of high crimes and misdemeanors — and frankly far short of Obama’s abuse of power in implementing Obamacare, Hillary Clinton’s sending classified emails over a private server while secretary of state, or Joe Biden’s own Ukraine-related quid pro quo.[-]

[+] … From the very beginning, Schiff has been an incompetent buffoon at best and a conniving, contemptible snake at worst. Rewind to any point in Trump’s presidency, and you’ll find Schiff peddling some nonsensical garbage.[-]

[+] … While it may come as news to Schiff, “most Americans” probably aren’t watching this risible proceeding. But for those of us who are, we know for a fact Democratic actors haven’t been “impartial.” We just hope this Schiff show will be over soon.

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A Schiff of Fools by any other name, less one…

Of all current political figures in the US, Schiff comes closer to the definition of ‘anti-social personality disorder’ than any other. In non-clinical descriptions, the word used is often ‘psychopath’ or ‘sociopath’.

Culled from a medical page, ‘Antisocial personality disorder’ is defined by a pervasive and persistent disregard for morals, social norms, and the rights and feelings of others. Individuals with this personality disorder will typically have no compunction in exploiting others in harmful ways for their own gain or pleasure and frequently manipulate and deceive other people, achieving this through wit and a façade of superficial charm or through intimidation and violence.

The only word in this definition that doesn’t quite fit Schiff is ‘violence’. As for ‘charm’, rest assured he has a leftist fan club that numbers in the millions. If he has actually abused a victim with physical violence, we’re certainly not aware of it. But in every other way, he seems to fit the description. Surely ‘Lock him Up’ is dwelling on the far horizon?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump changing the world one step at a time – MAGA! KAG!


Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: Adam Schiff made a fool of himself

Kylee Zempel, the Federalist: We’re All Ready for Impeachment Schiff Show to be Over

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