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Tucker Carlson’s taking over and replacing the Megyn Kelly slot on Fox is definitely “must see” television if ever there was one. Perhaps it’s the abiding sadistic streak (or maybe the extreme dislike of pompous liberal lunatics with no sense of their own stupidity) but since its first appearing surely one has to find his show very fulfilling. What astounds me more than anything else, is the willingness of such as the most recent self-destructive morons to continue to offer themselves up for sacrifice.

You defeat all of the idiocy and bias with cold hard facts. The problem the right has is reaching a platform that can be heard by all Americans. Obviously, the MSM is at the center of that problem.

With the Trumpit, however, we now have that platform. He can use it to destroy the idiot narratives that nourish the Democrat Party while at the same time destroying the MSM – the Left’s firewall. Tucker Carlson is absolutely fantastic. The people he has on his show are not used to being pushed one step past their stale talking point as in “What does that mean?” They simply fall apart.

The new tactic is to simply plow onward with their ridiculous point of view, often off topic. They talk over Tucker because the last thing they want is for him to follow up with another question that requires actual thinking. It exposes how empty their heads are, but I have to say it annoys to no end. Would that Tucker had a more effective way to cut them off and get his question in. Overall, though, his is the best political show on TV by a long shot, and there are millions out there who are huge fans of what he does.

Thomas Lifson’s opener from today’s American Thinker…

A counter-narrative is building to the MSM’s constant Trump-hating.  It is not that Trump is driven by hate (“Love Trumps Hate”), rather it is the left that is driven by hate – for America, especially the Trump-voting, America-loving, war-fighting parts of it.  The mainstream media is so widely mistrusted that there is plenty of room for counter-narratives to flourish.

Last night, Tucker Carlson made an important contribution to the counter-narrative, as he demonstrated his mastery of blood sport interviewing, allowing leftist fools to flaunt their folly and then hanging them with their own words.

He’s the best person in the media doing this sort of thing, and he seems to be getting even better as he gains experience. Fortunately for Tucker, there are a lot of leftist fools in academia, happy to take him on.

His A-block guest last night was a person so determined to find the public spotlight that he’s a recidivist tweeter of outrageous comments, destined by their sheer over-the-topness to bait conservatives into responding. This makes him an “attention whore” as defined by the Urban Dictionary:

Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter.

“I refer,” goes on Lifson, “to Drexel University Assistant Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, whose (now deleted) Christmas Day tweet wishing for “white genocide” gave him his first intoxicating taste of notoriety.”

“[I have to confess I played a small role in handing him his megaphone.]”

“His latest cry for attention was a now-notorious tweet in which he described wanting to vomit about a soldier in uniform being given a first-class seat by another passenger.”

“Tucker’s interview was a classic. He used a number of his techniques, including using the white genocide tweet.  But just letting Cicciariello-Maher condescend while spouting leftist cant did the most damage.”

You really and truly cannot make this up. George Orwell, and his nascent 1984 could not imagine anyone so unlearned teaching in a major American University in the year 2017.

Perhaps someone can get this esteemed professor to lecture the Marines about his feeling sick and ready to vomit after witnessing a kind gesture from a grateful American offering up his First Class airline seat towards an American Soldier. Surely someone at Fort Bragg could arrange an audience with the 18th Airborne Corps for him. This clown should be forced, as a requirement for continued employment at Drexel University, to do a Military base apology tour.

Here’s a thought. Perhaps he may actually learn something about America and its Uniformed Services.

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