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As yours truly has opined many times over the past year, any newspaper or news media that does not acknowledge at least half of what POTUS Trump accomplished during 2017 is engaging in nothing more than manufactured (and thus fake) ‘news’. The Big Fake News Media empires simply refuse to give him credit for anything, while revealing their own dishonest behavior as shill ‘news’ outlets.

Call it the Manhattan Media if you will, with the the heart of the beast as Manhattan Privilege. While the Media side is a 24/7/365 evangelistic operation worshipping whatever Manhattan Privilege wants it to worship, the DC media is right there alongside the Manhattan media, and they not only value the privilege, they value the schmoozing they get with the politicians and lobbyists even more. To say nothing of their propping up the entire Democrat liberal-left-leaning political Cabal!

From 11/3/1987 … POTUS Reagan was the first to coin the phrase Make America Great Again which now rests on the shoulders of POTUS Donald Trump…God is in control through the generations!

They come across as doing their darnedest to run an information firewall for the vested interests who employ them. For many years, we the joe-public had the foolish idea that the press was actually interested in accurately and truthfully informing the public. As one-time newspaper reporter Mark Twain, put it, “If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read the newspapers you are misinformed”.

John J Swinton also had a few things to say about the subject … “The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual presstitutes.” [end]

On to the brighter side from Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMagazine lauding the selection of President Trump as the magazine’s “Man of the Year” …

Daniel Greenfield…

It’s that time of the year when media outlets write up the people and trends who defined the year while ignoring the man who redefined it.

2017 was the year that the United States of America got up off its knees. It was the year that we stopped following the world and started leading it. It was the year that our booming economy accomplished the impossible. It was the year that we became a great nation again.

And one man is responsible for that.

President Trump promised to make America great again. And every day, it’s happening. Factory workers and small businessmen, farmers and ranchers, soldiers and police officers are waking up to a renewed America. Timechose a social justice hashtag as its ‘Thing of the Year’.  We’re choosing the man who turned the country around as our “Man of the Year”.

When President Trump promised 4% economic growth, the media herded together economists to prove it couldn’t happen. CNN surveyed 11 economists and Bloomberg asked 80 economists. They agreed it was impossible. 2% growth was the best that we could hope for. And we would have to get used to that.

And then the GDP growth estimate for the fourth quarter of 2017 approached 4%.

Americans are realizing that maybe we don’t have to just get used to dividing up the last torn shreds of a failing economy between leftist crony billionaires and their officially entitled victim groups.

Maybe we can do better.

The S&P 500 Index has gone up 20% this year and the Dow is up 25%. Holiday shopping season sales are up almost 5% over last year. Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low. The manufacturing industry just had its best month of job gains for the year.

All of this isn’t just a matter of dollars and cents. It’s the knowledge that things are getting better. You can’t fake it. The media spent eight years promising a recovery that no one believed in. Obama announced that the recovery had happened more times than he ended the Iraq War. And just like the end of the war, it never happened. It’s happening now because people are living a better future.

Call it… making America great again. Not for government officials, but for ordinary Americans.

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If you think about it, many Americans (particularly those on the far left side) don’t realize how close we came to Armageddon. The chances of coming up with someone like POTUS Donald Trump in this day and age of extreme American moral decline, were impossible to calculate prior to him beginning his campaign. Like many others of an evangelical Christian background, I truly believe this POTUS is a gift from above. Just reading through the Bible of how many times God has resolved himself to selecting flawed human beings to accomplish great deeds of spiritual and physical acuity is absolutely enthralling.

It is, truly, mind-blowing.

Ultimately, despite what all the naysayers believe to the contrary, God runs the universe, even on the most minute level. As he proves over, and over, and over again, He loves us and wants us to be happy, but He also lets us make our own mistakes; and sometimes, as is very evident from deep Bible study, those mistakes can kill us and many others.

The baton of POTUS is passed through the generations and orchestrated by God himself … MAGA!

Yes, we did come close to consigning our descendants to former POTUS Ronald Reagan’s feared “thousand years of darkness” (in his 1964 speech, “A Time for Choosing”). But the most unlikely of men came forward and we gave him the helm, and now we have cause to be optimistic.

A well-deserved accolade for Man of the Year. Thank you Mr. POTUS Donald J. Trump.

A very blessed New Year to you AND to We the People of the United States!


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