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President Trump is ensconced in the White House because the nation and a large majority of its people agreed with him. Forget all the doom and gloom coming from the Big Media purveyors of Fake News. The American nation is already markedly improved as evidenced by the monthly jobs reports, rebounding economy, soaring stock market and the renewed hope most citizens have after eight years of failed Galbraith economics.

Illegal border crossings into the USA are down over 70% simply by enforcing the laws of the nation, a fact that has made the majority of Americans feel much better now that their country is more secure. Trump has rolled back dozens of Obama-era business-strangling regulations; has kept many of his campaign promises already, while still only 6 months in to running the nation! His failures lie solely at the feet of a very lazy and divided Congress, but hopefully he has 3-1/2 more years, and perhaps 7-1/2 to fully implement his promises made to the American people.

Trump will always have high negative numbers – or at least as long as the national Big Media keep driving the “Russians stole the election” theme.

But as oft-repeated – elections are about choices, and it’s clear even at this point that the people would still almost certainly choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The Russians didn’t beat Hillary. Nor did the weather on election day, nor angry white men, nor mesmerized evangelicals, nor a lack of minority turnout. Overriding all of those excuses is the bare reality that people didn’t like Hillary Clinton then, and they don’t like her now.

Whether you like him or despise him, Trump has been good for the nation, even in the space of only six months. Much better than Obama ever was, and the facts make that indisputable.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Jack Hellner, writing in today’s American Thinker… titled “The Media are declaring Trump a loser” …

Trump has been in office for six months and the media and others who have been trashing him continuously are declaring him a loser.

They focus on the fictional Russian collusion and ignore his many reductions of regulations including getting rid of the garbage Paris agreement.

Trump is 100% better than Hillary, Obama, and most Republicans in office. His cabinet is tremendously conservative. He picked an outstanding Supreme Court judge. He is cleaning up the VA, and is working hard to get rid of ISIS. He has opened pipelines and done other things to increase oil production and keep prices down. He has reached a trade deal on beef with China and is working to help Europe reduce their dependency on Russia for energy. We finally have a President who is attempting to make other countries fulfill their NATO obligations. He is cooperating with Muslim countries to reduce terrorism. He also is trying to obey his oath of office to enforce immigration laws, in contrast with Obama.

Trump has had to do most things on his own, since the bureaucrats in DC, the media, and career politicians are busy trying to protect the power they have amassed. Trump is trying to return power, freedom, and money to the people, where it belongs.

The problem is that there are many RINOS like McCain, Graham, and Collins, who enjoy media attention when they go against Trump.

It is pathetic that after only six months of pure trashing by the media and pure obstructionism by the Democrats, that instead of being honest about what he has done, they declare him a loser.

Why isn’t the media ripping Democrats for their pure obstructionist behavior the way they went after Republicans when they sometimes opposed Obama?

Big Media, DemoMarxists, and the RINOs are all appendages of the globalists. Evil, demonic, cruel people who have but one agenda, take down Trump.

God alone, plus the daily prayers of millions of Americans and others in different countries have been aiding and upholding President Trump; otherwise, he never would have even won the primaries. The odds are astronomical that Trump 1) won the primaries; 2) won the general election; 3) In spite of obstruction from the above, has 4) managed to pull the country from the brink of bankruptcy and in so doing 5) corrected many of the “mistakes” that Obama deliberately left him.

When one stops and thinks, it is mind boggling to consider all of the seemingly impossible events that Trump has overcome in the past year and a half. The Big Media are stuck in the delusion that what they say matters; well it doesn’t, to those that pay attention.

Some of the best leaders I have encountered in life achieved great things without worrying about whether everything they did and every decision they made was going to please a majority of the people. You can’t be an effective leader of any truly successful organization (especially a nation) if that is your prime consideration. And every real leader understands this.

Trump thus far has truly been a blessing to the Constitutional Republic of the United States, and should be lauded appropriately, not scolded!


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