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Daniel Greenfield’s excellent summary of immense corruption within the NFL by partisan DemoMarxist apparatchiks, beginning right at the top, caught the eye of commenter ‘truebearing’ on the comments thread. Yours truly couldn’t have expressed it any better than this…

“Yes, the referees are pervasive and they are unforgivable given that the replay allows for overruling bad calls.

“For years the referee bad calls created an increasing demand for instant replay. The NFL stonewalled until finally they implemented it for fear of losing fans. They tinkered with it, supposedly to improve it, but while they were improving instant replay, the NFL started changing the rules so that key penalties were defined more vaguely, and the referees regained arbitrary power to control the tempo of a game. Plausible deniability was introduced into the laws of football for obvious reasons. The NFL maintained control of the outcome of key games and the will of the people (ie the ones paying for all of those extravagant stadiums) was thwarted. Sound familiar?

“What is more pervasive than anything are the non-calls. Refs will allow one team to commit pass interference with impunity, thereby shutting down a competitor’s passing game. Or they will turn a blind eye to offensive holding, which prevents a defense from disrupting the opposing quarterback. Meanwhile, they can call pass interference over the slightest amount of contact on the team they are purposely handicapping, because they aren’t the team that isn’t supposed to win. It is exactly like Obama picking winners and losers. Think of it as “Affirmative reffing”. It is the same thing the Left does, and it is obviously what the NFL is doing. If it isn’t obvious to fans by now, they should watch another sport that they actually understand, because if they can’t understand the impact of penalties on a team’s momentum in football, and the chilling effect bad calls and non-calls have on a game that is all about emotional momentum, they really don’t know what they are watching anyway.

“The things the NFL does to create parity (equality) in the league, even if they have to artificially impose it, is the same thing the Left does. Handicap one group, give advantages to another. The so-called “parity” the NFL is after, is advantageous in creating a larger fan base. When dynasties are broken up and athletic egalitarianism is artificially imposed, there are more teams that are “in the hunt” at the end of the year. This is how the NFL keeps the majority of the fans engaged right up until when their team is eliminated in the play-offs. This is also why sports leagues added “wild-card” slots to the play-offs. It gets more teams involved, and therefore more fans involved during the heightened intensity of the play-offs. The networks make more money, so the teams make more money, and the gambling industry pulls in piles of money.

“The NFL is a totalitarian monopoly. It is a fascist entity that has become political because it wants to maintain its monopoly. It has to keep its black athletes happy, so the Left sees a leverage point. Who knew that Antonio Gramsci loved American football?” [end]

On to Daniel Greenfield’s piece in FrontPageMag .. “Break Up the NFL’s Corrupt Monopoly” ..

Daniel Greenfield…

An Army recruit starts off with a salary under $20,000. Thousands of active duty military personnel are on food stamps. Millions of veterans rely on them to feed their families and themselves.

That’s how we treat the best of us. Here’s how we treat the worst of us.

An NFL rookie’s minimum salary is $465,000. And the majority of NFL players are usually bankrupt a few years after retirement because they blew through most of their money. Dozens of NFL players are arrested every year on charges ranging from murder to rape to animal abuse.

2017 was a banner year for the NFL with three times as many arrests as last year.

Along with the usual drunk driving and disorderly conduct arrests, there were 7 arrests for assault/battery, 6 for drugs and 5 for domestic violence.

The Seattle Seahawks announced that they weren’t going to “participate in the national anthem” because of the “injustice that has plagued people of color in this country”. While they lost that game, they are one of the top ranked teams in arrests. Alongside the Los Angeles Rams, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets, all of whom showed some solidarity with the anti-American protests, these top NFL criminal teams have racked up arrests for domestic violence, drugs, DUI and assault and battery.

It’s no wonder that so many of the NFL’s millionaire scumbags are eager to join Colin Kaepernick’s protests against the justice system by degrading our anthem.

It’s because they’re criminals.

And it’s no wonder that the NFL stands behind its thugs. If a team can shrug at abusing women, what’s a little anti-American tantrum by a prize property that makes them millions of dollars?

The only question is why are the rest of us subsidizing it?

Read to completion at Break Up the NFL’s Corrupt Monopoly…

Then there’s this from commenter Z Brack: Yes, it’s long, but expresses where the corrupt National Felons League have allowed the criminals free reign.  There’s absolutely nothing about ‘family values’ in this bunch… The NFL is nothing but a brute organization – and corrupt as all get out.


The NFL is fine with privileged multi-millionaire white-pretend-black clown Kaepernick with the pro-Cuba stuff, the cops-as-pigs socks, and on and on. Wonder if the NFL would be OK with some white player sporting socks with the rebel flag? Remember the NFL wouldn’t even let players sport decals supporting police after the black supremacist slaughter of five white police officers in Dallas.

Time to boycott the NFL until it “starts looking like America”.

Other reasons to boycott the NFL (and the NFL’s “minor league”, college football as well):

Remember the St Louis Rams players coming out on the field with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture of the racist lynch mobs: The BIG LIE. You can bet if white players had come out with “I Am Darren Wilson” tags there would have been quick condemnation and suspensions. No, you must have Black Skin Privilege for that kind of stunt.

And why do I want to patronize an organization that has no problem catering to violent thugs including that beat & rape women? And why would I want any part in helping to enrich those pampered protected thugs themselves? Thugs who brought violence to the colleges they were brought into with no academic qualifications and with no regard to the safety of the legitimate paying students, because a winning sports team is more important than other students’ safety. More important than beatings, rapes, or even killings?

The list is really endless dealing with the NFL and its college “minor league”:

Google Ray Rice knocks out girlfriend Janay Palmer in elevator.

Google Tabor College in McPherson Kansas football player DeQuinte Flournoy beating death of Brandon Brown.

Google FSU football player De’Andre Johnson punching a woman in the face at a bar.

Google former NFL player Aaron Hernandez.

Google two football players Eric Rivers and Kendall Duckworth, arrested after robbing another KU student. Rivers also booked on sexual battery and criminal restraint.

Google Erica Kinsman’s accusations of rape against FSU Jameis Winston (he denies, you decide).
—“ Jameis Winston has settled his civil suit with Erica Kinsman, the woman who accused him of rape. …Kinsman has already won $950,000 in a suit she filed separately against Florida State University….”—
—“…Erica Kinsman sued the Buccaneers QB in April 2015 for sexual battery, assault and false imprisonment even though he was never criminally charged.”—
—“The incident became even more controversial, when reports surfaced suggesting that the Tallahassee Police Department and Florida State had tried to hamper the investigation.”—
—“Kinsman accused Winston of rape in December of 2012. “ —

Former black Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey told the white woman whom he and three other men raped that her assault was payback “for 400 years of slavery.” The white victim said in her testimony: “But sexual assault was not where the attack ended. Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was.”

Why no hate crime charges? Black Skin Privilege.

“An outside investigation of the Baylor University sexual violence scandal found 17 women who had reported sexual or domestic assaults involving 19 Baylor University athletes since 2011..”

—“ …University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon’s attorney released surveillance footage of his client punching a woman [22-year-old Amelia Molitor] in the face in a July 2014 incident. “—

—“Mixon then delivers a brutal blow to the woman, knocking her down to the ground.”—

—“Molitor suffered broken bones in her face from the punch.”–

—“After the incident, Mixon, 20, was suspended for a year and charged with a misdemeanor, but has since returned to the team and stars for the Sooners. “ —http://www.breitbart.com/vi…

—“ Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested Monday night on multiple charges, “—

—“ “Pacman” has a lengthy history of arrests over his long career, missing the entire 2007 season and half of 2008 for off-field incidents. “—

—“ According to ESPN, the woman suffered four broken bones in her face, her jaw had to be wired shut, and she was without feeling on the left side of her face for months. Meanwhile, the man who did that to her has played for two full seasons in a Sooner uniform. “—

—“Parrish Cobb …is a freshman Sooner cornerback, …Police said Cobb is involved in three armed robberies: one in Bellmead, the city of Waco and the other on Baylor University campus over a three-day span earlier this month. “—http://nypost.com/2017/04/0…

—“Former Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Lawrence “L.J.” Moore was arrested last week after being accused of pimping for ex-Sooners cheerleader Micah Madison Parker.”—

—“Projected as a second-round selection in the upcoming 2017 NFL draft, Caleb Brantley …The 6-foot-3, 300-pound Florida defensive tackle struck a woman who stands 5-foot-6 and weighs 120 pounds, …The malicious act,…occurred after the woman pushed Brantley for making “crude” remarks to her.”—

During her infamous super-bowl half-time show Beyonce and company got away with forming a big Malcolm “X”, symbol of the Black N*zi movement, complete with the 45 degree “black power” fist salutes (exact same salute as used by neo-N*zi groups), the Black N*zi equivalent to the “Heil Hitler” salute. Talk about OFFENSIVE and RACIST! It would be somewhat analogous to some white entertainers forming the “X” of the Confederate Battle Flag. Well, at least the latter has non-racist interpretations, unlike the “X” of Malcolm X, which is ONLY a symbol of hate-whitey, hate-Jews: The Black N*zi swastika.

Now we know what would have happened to some white entertainers forming a Confederate Battle Flag “X”. But mega-millionaire Beyonce enjoys what is known as Black Skin Privilege. No Paula Dean treatment for Beyonce. No, instead she is celebrated and rewarded for her racist display of hate: To give herself some phony “street cred” (while living well away from any black neighborhoods herself): It is a sad commentary that to get “street cred” with a large segment of the black community you must embrace racist hate of whites.

As far as privileged multi-millionaire Beyonce and her NFL half-time show homage to Black N*zis, including their patron saint Malcolm X: You want an education on the nature of the organization of which he once was a member (but that ended up executing him) and the kind of acts that it inspired? Read “Zebra” by Clark Howard. It is long out of print, but now available free to download as a pdf file. This is something that has been dropped into the memory hole. But should be part of every history lesson in every school in the country.

Zebra Killings:

“At that time, there were fifteen accredited Death Angels in California. To achieve their collective membership, they had already quietly killed throughout the state 135 white men, 75 white women, 60 white children – or enough of a combination thereof to give each of them his required four, five, or nine credits. This was October of 1973. The California attorney general’s office had already secretly compiled a list of forty-five of those killings which had taken place in the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego, and Los Angeles; and in the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Ventura, and Alameda. All of the victims were white. All the known suspects in the killings had been associated with the Black Muslim movement. The killings were even then continuing throughout the state”

Make up your own mind about who, what, and why the National Felon’s League is still around. Despicable.


See also The outrageous rip-off of taxpayer-funded stadiums

And Victor Davis Hanson Progressive Octopus Grips NFL – Politics Lost, Culture Won


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