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“In 1913, Woodrow Wilson was the newly elected president. Wilson and his fellow progressives scorned the Constitution and the Declaration. They moved swiftly to replace the Founders’ republic with a new regime.

“There is widespread agreement that Wilson did not always show good judgment – for example, in his blunders in international relations – but in the project of overturning the Founding, he and the movement he led selected their targets shrewdly. By the time he left office, the American republic was, as they say, history. The fundamentals of the new regime were in place, and the expansion of government under FDR, LBJ, and Obama was made easy, perhaps even inevitable.

“Nineteen-thirteen gave us the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution. That year also saw the creation of the Federal Reserve. This burst of changes marks the effective beginning of the Progressive Era in American politics, the era in which we now live. Wilson was to do much more that would once have been considered out of bounds, but these three changes were enough to change everything. In 1913, the fundamental agreement the Founders made with the American people about the relation of the states and the federal government was broken.” [end]

Woodrow Wilson…

The quote above is from the brilliant Robert Curry, Board Member of The Claremont Institute, and author of Common Sense Nation, which also happens to be the opener for his article in today’s American Thinker, “1913: The Turning Point”.

But before I segue` into the body of the piece, the equally-brilliant commentator VonMises Jr has a wonderful comparison between the content of the article with regards to the Constitution and what happened yesterday when president Trump struck a short-term deal with Schumer-Pelosi to bring the RINOs Ryan and McConnell to the position of having to do something about DACA in Congress, plus a 3 month CR and Debt Ceiling increase rather than continually kicking the proverbial can down the road. Needless to say he caused  somewhat of a furor between the various factions of Congress.

VonMises, Jr:

A terrific and well documented article by Mr. Curry. I read his fine book “Common Sense America” discussing the Scottish Enlightenment that influenced our Founding and subsequently read Francis Hutchinson who he discussed in his work. He also discusses several of our Founders who were Scots or influenced by Scots. I highly recommend the book.

As Robert Curry leaves little to be said on 1913, perhaps it is an opportunity to elucidate what happened on September 6, 2017 (yesterday) that illustrates how our elections have been jeopardized by the nationalization of Power. This seems to have been missed by both Savage and Levin on their radio programs but clearly understood by Lou Dobbs on FBN.

The den of thieves and corruption .. The tri-headed monster of deceit … President Trump has now challenged the two on the right…

“Lyin” Ryan and Mitch McCorporatist gave Donald J. Trump an ultimatum that he must accept an eighteen (18) month CR and Debt Ceiling increase to take the GOPe past the 2018 Election that would have rendered Trump’s Agenda moot until the next Congressional Session. Ryan condemned a three (3) month CR and Debt Ceiling increase as “ridiculous and disgraceful” as well as “unworkable.” He attempted to “Check” Trump’s Agenda demanding Party Loyalty and Trump responded with “Checkmate” to the disloyal “Lyin” Ryan and Mitch McCorporatist. The Republicans in Congress now have a choice between the survival of Ryan and McConnell and the survival of the GOPe as a party Establishment.

While Savage and Levin are correct that Trump caved on cutting spending in the CR for three months and bailed out Houston flood victims that should have been covered under private insurance, Trump put the GOPe in a desperate situation over the last few days. In addition to them now having to deal with 90 day CR’s that will force them to deal with ObamaCare Repeal, Tax Reform and the Wall, he threw DACA in their lap to boot. If they vote for Amnesty, the Party will be as dead as the Federalist and Whig Parties. As the Democrat Party has lost some 1,200 Federal and State Seats over the last three elections, it appears that the entire DC ruling class is in turmoil.

Last night, Ed Rollins referred to Trump’s Election as a Revolution.

The Political Revolution is in full gear.

A great review of the Donald Trump ‘art of the deal’!

While the measures that moved us from a federal form of government under a Constitution to a centralized form certainly diminished our liberty, it should be noted that we were losing our liberty on a state-wide and municipal level for some time before that. Paternalistic government was becoming philosophically more acceptable to academics and the American public. The direct election of Senators, income tax, and FED, all helped to accelerate the process. The rise of socialism and rejection of individual rights was long in the making, the battle becoming philosophical before it was political.

The Republicans in Congress now have a choice between the survival of Ryan and McConnell and the survival of the GOPe as a party Establishment under, and bound by, a Constitution.

Place your bets, and let the debate begin.

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