CNN dumps fake Russian collusion

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CNN dumps fake Russian collusion. Big Fake News Media remain in a Coma. This little gem kind of slid under the radar last week: “CNN throws in the towel on fake Russian news” which we’ll segue` into shortly. But first there’s this little bit of insight shared from commenter ‘cupera2’ lifted from the thread:

“The point is the Trump/Russian collusion is a fake story, and has been from the beginning. If anyone in the CIA, FBI, HLS, or NSA had anything on Trump or anyone even close to him, they would have leaked it faster than Michael Moore can swallow a donut. Had there been anything remotely to leak it would have been shouted from the mountain tops by the Hillary Big Fake Media fan club made up of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, NYT, WP, and PBS.

“The Obama administration did have a FISA warrant that allowed surveillance of Trump and his campaign last year by targeting any foreign national that had a remote chance of talking with anyone associated with Trump. Obama had tried to get a warrant that would wire tap Trump directly but FISA turned them down, something rarer than a solar eclipse.

“That fact is recorded and can be verified in the 20 Jan 2017 story of the NYT and with recorded statements by Evelyn Farkas of the Dept of Defense. If Obama had found something actionable during the campaign or after the election it would have been the ‘above the fold’ headline on all the newspapers, and had he been able to manufacture a plausible lie it would also have been the lead story on all the networks.

“The Russian Honey Pot story would have been acted on earlier to prevent Trump from winning, a question that is answered in the form of the ‘dog that didn’t bark’.” [end]

Yet many delusional Democrats continue the hunt for the mythical Russian unicorn. CNN will learn nothing from this embarrassing episode; their inbred hatred for Donald Trump and anything to the right of Joseph Stalin will insure it. The network serves no useful purpose, has no redeeming social value, and should not be allowed to pose as a legitimate news source.

Monica Showalter from 6 Sep in American Thinker …

CNN has dismantled its vaunted Trump-colluded-with-the-Russians investigative unit in a wretched concession to reality. The only thing the unit found was an empty well for stories, surrounded by a crust of fake news. The whole caper damaged the network’s credibility, and the public just wasn’t buying it anymore. So the whole unit had to go.

What a shabby end to what the network had put so much stock in in the heady days of trying to oust President Trump just as he had taken office.

The New York Times attributes the unit’s sorry end to confusion in the fact-checking process – which is baloney for anyone who has ever worked in a newsroom – claiming that on one bad story, a lawyer’s concerns were ignored. That’s not the way it works in most newsrooms – normally, the lawyer has the loudest voice about what goes to press, given the potential for lawsuits, much to the resentment of the reporters. Well, the CNN editors ignored it and paid for it with their jobs when it came back to bite them.

Another problem the Times mentions but doesn’t dwell on is the issue of single-source reporting – from political partisans. Of course a single-source report from a political partisan is going to yield a bad result. This is why reporters are supposed to add value and put out something different from press releases. Well, CNN opted to go for single sources, which is testimony in the Times’ mind to the pressure the network was under to produce something.

The only reason the people at CNN were unable to produce is that there was no there there. And that’s the real reason for the unit’s ignominious end. The news project was not premised on finding the truth, as real journalism is supposed to, but on confirming the left’s deepest rage, resentment, and fear – that the election was stolen from them by the hated Russians. That was the root of all the fake news that came of the unit, such as claims that certain Trump administration officials were under investigation when they were not and errant reporting about James Comey.

Setting up a unit to confirm an ideological bias from an embittered losing party is no way to get bang for the news buck, which is the cash and resources that go into investigative reporting. There has to be a there there, and there wasn’t any there there on the Russia story. There wasn’t even an audience.

Maybe if CNN can learn to curb its ideological biases and refocus on reporting the news without fear or favor, it might just return to what it used to be.  As it is now, its reputation lies in ruins.

Enemies of the state bought and paid for on the backs of the innocents… the Clintons are part of the same cabal.

Over and over and over again, the impression remains that somehow the Clintons, Abedin and their cabal (and throw in Obama, Jarrett, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros etal) must have huge hooks into many powerful people to keep going free. Martha Stewart went to jail for a conversation. Put there by – wait for it – James Comey. They must have some kind of power AND be guarded by the Big Fake News Media.

Budding authors wake up. This will be a great book some day. Serious hint: Seek out a well-equipped armed bodyguard attachment before the first sentence leaves the keyboard. You could become a victim of Arkancide.


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