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En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Fidel Castro was an adversary of the devil, pure and simple. More’s the pity that Batista (no guardian angel of freedom himself) released him from his 15-year jail sentence as a measure of a “peace appeasement” for the good of the Cuban populace. The world (and surely the Cuban people) would have been much better served by keeping him in lock-up, preferably for life, never mind 15 years. Elections, and even pardons of evil intent, have consequences.

Obama (throw in fellow-progressive Marxist Justin Trudeau and others as well) and his disgusting words of condolence at the passing of the communist Marxist Dictator, are akin to those of a loving son for his Marxist father-figure. Obama is, and forever has been, a Marxist Islamic Muslim at heart. Look at his upbringing and the mentors and friends who constantly surrounded him, beginning with his white grandfather and grandmother. There is no surprise with his response to the passing of Castro except for the lack of tears, wailing and the gnashing of teeth. Justin Trudeau’s eulogy was no less vomit-inducing either, as is evident from his getting slammed good and proper over on social media.

The Clinton Cabal and AG Janet Reno held Elian Gonzalez and his father at gunpoint before extraditing the boy back to Castro's hell...

The Clinton Cabal and AG Janet Reno held Elian Gonzalez and his father at gunpoint before extraditing the boy back to Castro’s hell…complicit in the Castro brothers’ dictatorship.

As Daniel Greenfield expresses it in his piece coming up from FrontPageMagazine: “All this for a brutal dictator who had remorselessly butchered his own people, exported terrorism internationally and plotted to wipe out the United States. But these are precisely the reasons why the left has always loved Castro. They did not love Castro in spite of his atrocities. But because of them.”[end]

This is the proof that leftists measure the success of their regimes by the number of people killed by that regime. Castro was good, but Stalin was better. And let’s not forget Mao.

A constitutional republic measures political success by tallying votes from living people. Communists measure it by counting the number of lives they have negated. A political enemy’s death is a permanent negation of opposition — kind of a reverse vote, if you will.

Castro was way off when he postured about “Socialism or Death”. Socialism IS death. There is no either/or about it. Socialism in its very essence is a terminally parasitic system designed to extract every kind of sustenance from human beings, reducing people to living in squalor, forcing them to subsist through depravity, shrinking the incredible diversity of human beings into a terrified, dependent mass of desperate, expendable slaves.

America non! Cuba si! Obama does one of his kow-towing dips to Raoul Castro at Nelson Mandel's funeral December 2013...

America non! Cuba si! Obama does one of his kow-towing dips to Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service December 2013…

Leftism never goes beyond nihilism. It has no choice. It simply can’t achieve anything on its own merits, so it relies exclusively on the procrustean method. Kill any who don’t agree, fit in, or are deemed somehow burdensome to the system. When the 5 year plans couldn’t produce enough food to feed everyone — and they never came close — buy grain from the capitalists. If the health care system is too feeble, backward, and understaffed to care for the nation, cut the poor blacks off from care and let them die. Use their children to prop up the depraved tourist industry. But of course, in the end, Castro used capitalism to save the revolution. Some tyrant; some revolution.

Socialism is a prolonged, funereal procession that celebrates death and calls it progress. Castro was an utter failure, but all leftists are. He was a ruthless parasite and a depraved sociopath, so naturally his death will be mourned by those who hate humanity as much as he did. Socialism is simply a how-to ideology for narcissistic tyrants who need cover for their evil self-deification. More’s the pity that Raul Castro is still around to prolong the dictatorship.

Freedom and prosperity will indeed come again soon to the beautiful island nation of Cuba. Someone even now, is girding up his/her loins to go forth and “Make Cuba Great Again!”

On to Daniel Greenfield and “Castro’s Socialism and Death” …


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

In the fall of 1962, Fidel Castro urged his Soviet allies to wipe out the United States.

The Butcher of Havana told Khrushchev to “to eliminate this danger forever”. By that he meant destroying the United States of America in a nuclear assault.

“However harsh and terrible the solution, there would be no other,” he reasoned.

The Soviet leader replied warning of a “war of extermination” with “millions of deaths”. He called Castro’s proposal, the “start of a thermonuclear world war”.

Khrushchev flinched from an orgy of death that would have wiped out most of the US, the USSR and Cuba. Castro did not. He was willing to see the world die rather than yield power.

Now the dictator who liked to shout, “Socialism or Death” is dead and out of power.

Castro’s slogan was “Socialism or Death”. But his real legacy was “Socialism and Death”.

The Communist monster brought death to everything his Socialist reign of terror touched. He killed his own people and countless foreigners in wars and acts of terror around the world. Everything he did spread death.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

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